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    New to hearing aids

    I am older and have worn a BTE (behind the ear) hearing aid since the 1970's as one ear is completely deaf. I have had no desire to use one that is all in the canal as even the smallest BTEs are large enough to be easier to put on and take off. Anymore some want bright colors to shown them off...
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    Considering how the years are pilling up for me earlier this morning I went looking about what was used when I was born. This is way out of date! This recipe has been revived from some articles about what was used in the 1940's and slightly earlier. Soooo much has been learned about what...
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    tattooed terps

    I feel if the client does not want to see tattoos the client needs to ask if the terp has them and if so, if they can cover them BEFORE hiring the terp. The decision of who to use should be made by the client that needs interpretation.
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    I really like mac-n-cheese but had just not been familiar with it for any holiday meal.
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    Mac-n-cheese at Thanksgiving???? It is only recently that I have seem some mention of it in posts but NEVER in real life and my memories go back to the 1940's in Southern Illinois.
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    Interpreter Fees - Tax Deduction?

    You are replying to a thread that was last active 16 years ago!! I don't know what the current rule is but you should check that.
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    How do large hearing care services focus most on sales rather than customers needs?

    The reputation of the person you are seeing is more important, in my opinion, than their degree. I have had a very similar experience to that of Love Blue but the gal happens to be a Hearing Instrument Specialist. Her reputation in town is such that an audiologist that joined the practice of...
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    Please be aware that instead does not work for everyone in every location. I am in one of those places where I took beginning sign as an evening course from the local community two different times and made NO contacts to actually use it! I have forgotten 99% because of disuse. It has also been...
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    Real Estate Agent-Sign Language California

    Don't forget the use of a captioning service such as InnoCaption to communicate with those that hear and don't sign. InnoCaption can even be set to automatically send voice calls made to your regular cell phone number through their captioning. I have no financial interest in them being just a...
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    Customer Service

    I too had quite a collection until I started really making a point of turning them down at the window where they hand you your order. So . . .last fall I gave a bag of them to our church camp to use at the Fall Festival. When I asked before sending them with someone taking other things they did...
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    Customer Service

    They are standard but it is a real battle when you DON'T want them. I don't use them most of the time unless on a few occasions I want to use my own butter on the rolls. When I get something from McDonald's 99% of the time I am on my way home and prefer my regular tableware for anything I would...
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    Customer Service

    What sonocativo says and then several of the fast food places, including a local McDonalds, have installed big screens in the drive-thru that list items for sale but then a section of it shows your order as you make it so you can be sure they understood you. That, of course, applies to those of...
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    Curious, any of you skaters?

    Deafness was not a factor for me back then as I was deaf on only one side. But back when I was growing up in the 1950's we skated on the neighborhood sidewalks using skates that clamped & strapped on regular shoes. I also lived in a house with an unfinished basement and skated there. I am not...
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    looking for someone to interview

    It is a section of the forums on this web site.
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    Finally bought a farm

    I have lost track of if you have a fireplace and/or a wood burning furnace or stove? Will you be able to use the wood from them?
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    Finally bought a farm

    You say "going to remove these trees". Where there suppose to be photos included?
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    Man Jailed After Woman Plays Dead

    My question are you sure your are talking about the same case? This thread is from 2009 with no posts since October of 2009 until yours.
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    What are your hobbies ?

    Mart Do you collect them and/or make them?
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    How about giving the exact amount of each ingredient? Also, do you have any idea how it would turn out using cow's butter? I have no desire to buy almond butter just for this.
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    Over the hearing aid choices

    There is nothing to keep you from getting one that is advertised for kids. They are just grouped together on the manufactures site because they think they will sell more of the colorful ones if they are grouped together and thus easy for parents to find all of them when looking for their kid(s).