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    j.r.e.'s web... have fun... :D
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    Ur action (WARNING: not for 56k)

    Ur action makes ur own funny pics or movies... it's just fun...
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    3 guys caught kevbo....

    me (j.r.e.), wheel man and rob-s (alldeafv1.0) caugh kevbo jerk off while porn on movie on computer at 4am... even me, rob-s and wheel man buzz from the bar... it's true story.... it's so fucking funny!!!!
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    Frog's legs...

    have u ever taste frog legs? i did one time.. it taste good...
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    pic of ur child

    put ur child pics in here.. how old r them.. what's their names.. my daugther name is Krystal and 20 months old...
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    pic of ur case pc...

    my's Xtremem Gamer Platinum Pro (AMD 2700+ 2.17GHz)
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    ask j.r.e. anything!

    it's my turn now.. i guess...
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    Pic of ur history style clothes to now

    Put ur pics about ur first style clothes in order different clothes to now... also, if u feels like to tell why r u wearing style.. 1-first was prep when i was a lil kid... 2- i changed in a skater style bec i used skateboard..but later.. i stopped board.. i used skate roller... i wear...
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    Clinton stand for....

    Clinton= C= Call L= Lewisey I= I N= Need T= To O= Oral N= Now
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    Bush stand for...

    Bush= B= Beat U= UP S= Sadden H= Hussian
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    Member of the month?

    hey alex, i am just wonder if u r still doing member of the month at alldeaf? and pics on upper left.. like v1?
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    pic of urself as opposite sex

    that's me.. hehe.. when i dressed up.. i always calling myself name is Jenny...
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    snake hunting game

    can u beat my score? mine is 23... if someone beat my score.. u have to copy it and show to prove!
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    my signature is better than yours

  15. J


    i wonder if hiro-shun is still here? i really love him and miss him soo much...