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    The state of New York has nine deaf schools

    How is that possible?
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    Indiana School for the Deaf is the most hate school in America

    (ISD) Indiana School for the Deaf claimed it has 600 students and won the best deaf school twice. Source-Wikipedia Deaf parents and their deaf children move to Indianapolis from another state to enroll ISD. ISD sends its only junior varsity basketball team to (CSSD) Central States School for...
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    Why do deaf schools force residential students to go home every weekend

    Iowa School for the Deaf is one of few state deaf schools in the USA that deaf students can stay in the dorm on weekends for no reason. The other schools are Montana, Alabama and Missouri. Why is that?
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    All Deaf Schools in 2020.

    SUNDAY- All Campus Building are Closed and Locked MONDAY- Students leave home very early in the morning. School 11AM-5PM TUESDAY- School 7AM-5PM WEDNESDAY- School 7AM-5PM THURSDAY-School 7AM-12pm Mandatory Homegoing at NOON FRIDAY- All Campus Building are CLOSED and LOCKED SATURDAY-...
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    Why do most deaf residential schools closed every weekend?

    My school Iowa School for the Deaf is one of very few deaf schools that deaf students can stay in their dorm on weekends. Others are MSSD, Missouri,Montana and Alaska. I go home every three or four weeks because I live 4 hours away from ISD. I would not go to ISD if they closed it every...