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    Writing in asl syntax / grammar

    I have a serious question regarding folks that write in asl syntax or grammar. Why do you do it ? If you can read and understand regular english syntax / grammar well enough to read and understand these forums , why write text using such an imprecise style? Honestly , without the...
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    Differences between cp800 and cp810

    Just curious if anyone can give me actual details about the differences between these two CA processor models ( cp810 vs cp800 ) Thanks.
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    CI and extreme noises ?

    I am curious as to what the thoughts are regarding CI and extremely loud noises. Guns in particular. While I know that the CI itself will not stimulate above the set comfort level. Could the microphones become damaged by the loud shockwave from EXTREME noises such as a gunshot ? Also ...
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    CI technology question

    Hello all , I am a candidate for a CI and am doing research into which one may be the best for me. please pardon the question if you consider it a stupid one. But are you limited to the processor of one company ? Is it possible to use a processor from another company with a implant...
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    Helo from LongIsland

    Hi all .. 37 year old ... bilateral loss .. Been loosing my hearing slowly over the last 20 years or so .. My grandmother was deaf. So was my farther And now me .. I am finally starting to look into aids .. but the one place I went to ( some ad in the paper from some hearing ad shop ) the...