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  1. KeplerOne

    CI and ability to use electrical devices on face

    I never used a CI or NuFace device. The only device I used was to check my facial skin. I have many skin problems, and if I forget to apply a mask or cream in the morning/night, my skin will look much worsen the next day. So I went to a clinic where I had my skin checked with a skin analyser and...
  2. KeplerOne

    How Often Do You Go To Gym?

    Such an old thread, but so useful. Since I lost my job two months ago, I visit the gym daily. It helps me to stay away from negative thoughts.
  3. KeplerOne

    Blind and deaf puppy finds new home, 'big sister' dog

    These two are so cute and lovely. I would love to see my Beagle and Bulldog to get along so well. I have a beagle's dog, very obedient and friendly with any man and creature. Yes, it also happens that he runs like crazy after the squirrels; he and the squirrels have a special relationship...
  4. KeplerOne

    Does stress make hearing loss worse?

    You're so brave! Keep moving on, Stephanie. When I started to lose hearing, I pulled myself away from social interactions. I just stopped talking as much as I used to because I felt embarrassed by constantly repeating what I said. I'm afraid this issue has lead to severe anxiety and depression...