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    Cochlear Implantation benefits

    I've heard it's very uncommon for kids to have progressive hearing losses unless they have EVAS
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    Cochlear Implantation benefits

    With my CI I can hear most environmental sounds, I did speak a bit better(most people I talk to don't realise how bad my hearing loss is without me telling them) I can understand familiar people without Lipreading(my mum and my twin)
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    Cochlear Implantation benefits

    I was prelingually deafened and received my CI at 10 years old after wearing hearing aids for 9 years. I have done quite well with my CI considering but it is not the best as you would expect which I don't mind.
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    Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Siemens, GN ReSound, etc. How are they all different?

    No idea LOL, I never have had a Phonak though, I have had a Widex, and Oticons
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    2015 Official AD Meet II on 23rd May 2015

    Wish I could be there! Impossible!
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    How to communicate in an emergency?

    I will text 999 if needed(I live in England), I can communicate with emergency staff through spoken language and if I don't understand them I will ask them to write.
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    How Long To Nap For The Best Benefits

    I can never nap...unless I'm ill I will sleep for 9-12 hours in the day!
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    Tricky question maybe HARSH question

    Well I was deafened really early, sometime after birth up until 3 months, anyway that is a hard question! Even though I've been severely/profoundly deaf all my life and have a hearing twin and older brother I have always wish I have had some experience of hearing unaided and I always wanted to...
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    2 different brands of CI

    yes it is possible, depending on choice, any problems you have with other side, etc
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    How often do you all get your hearing tested?

    Under the NHS, children up to 18 get 6-12 monthly checks, adults whenever the NHS wants! LOL
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    Just introducing myself.

    Welcome!! :)
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    Speaking clearly

    I gave up on this a long time ago! I used to get worked up everytime I spoke because I was worried people will not understand me. They still dont so I have given up on speaking to people unless I really have to!
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    How are you feeling today? Part II

    feeling very fed up, finding it really hard to find a job! Bit of cabin fever and I can't go out because I have no money. Supposed to going to NYE party tomorrow but I cannot be bothered, and it's bring your own booze and guess what? I have no money!
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    Would anybody eat pizza in Italy?

    I visited Italy in August, and I prefer non-Italian Pizza!! Just taste nicer to me and it does depend on where you ear it, also they are BIG!
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    Psychological evaluation for CI

    Actually, maybe it was for my parents not me?
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    Psychological evaluation for CI

    Every CI candidate must go through psychological evaluation, I am curious to know what it entails, I was only 9 when went through the assessment.
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    Stressed out over CI

    Everybody is different! I think if you are not adjusting after two weeks you should mention it. By then, most people have already adjusted! Ask if you can have longer to get used to the new maps? May help, also wear your CI as much you can/want. I am a CI user, have been for 14 years and I...
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    Been referred for a cochlear implant

    You just have to be severe-profound, and score 50% or less on a speech discrimination test. You go through quite a few tests plus CT scan or a MRI to make sure you are a candiate. When I got tested for my right ear, I scored 0% with my hearing aid, so they gave me another test and I got 100% but...
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    Been referred for a cochlear implant

    I actually have the latest criteria for CI testing, so give me a bit and I'll find it. I was tested in 2010 for my other ear but I'm sure the criteria is still current!