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    bizzare things you see in a day

    Was standing at bus stop and got thinking about life as you do waiting for the bus that's late and the old girl down street took wrong turn yet again and wobberling down middle of a very busy long road on invalid buggy traffic behind all staking up as coming towards rush hour did't need be deaf...
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    why chicken cross road

    1.enfant teacher ..get to other side 2Plato...for the common good the nature of chickens 4 Ronald regan he forgot 5Clinton it still under the table not inhaling 6Marx..historical inevitability 7Saddam Hussain unprovoked rebellion deserve 50tons nerve gas on it 8MLK jnr I...
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    ten min in the dryer

    It be great if we could put ourselves in the dryer,come out wrinkle free and three sizes smaller
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    blond joke

    blond chick just qualified as physical education teacher. one day she walking around a load of 16yr old boys playing football,she see one young boy standing on his own looking bit lost 'whats the matter sweeti go play with other boys' 'I best not'says boy 'why sweeti' 'because I the fecking...
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    problem with this site

    I think may be a problem with this site,on the index it got red 'no' beside each title that the google index and my virus ware says dangerous site also blocked me
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    ip address

    how do I find my ip son got my ipad working he gone and I forgot ...I trying get on internet but I get lot twaddle about putting ip address and it no come off flight mode..also asking for a router number which I not got..i got bt hub3 and wants me type in hub been on internet...
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    mother to son.....c'mon son time get out of bed off to school now. son... I not going to school today mother...why hate me, and give me two reasons why I should go mother...two reasons first you 43 second you headmaster... lame but still funny
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    cynthia lennon

    Cynthia lennon died today age 75
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    polar bears

    :shock:Alaskans breeding polar bears for fur coats,they pooling bunch of polar bears on ground inland.. THIS WILL NOT WORK these coats are headed for florida and texas which thought was hot..and they discovered big iceberg chipped off and it going South that why think need fur coats.and now...
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    bird cruelty

    I so upset just been for my amble long the beach and some scumbags have nailed two gulls to metal pole the poor birds still alive, we waiting for rspca which takes forever and tide coming in fast.i can't bare to watch hope animal cruelty people be here soon
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    cardiologist diet if it taste good spit it out. if play country and western backwards you get wife and dog back:lol:
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    open portals

    I just put computer on and virus wear says got nine portals open and exclamation mark,all the other stuff on list had ticks so guess that bit ok. what do I do with portals how do I close them,if that what you do with them
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    Deaf muslim beggers

    lastnight i was walking passed the Whitechapple Mosque and saw two muslim girls sitting on dirty pavements 12yards apart backs against public rubbish bins begging money rigt in front of mosque doors.Two girls signing to each other..i stopped joined in see what about...told me because they were...
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    parrot joke

    one night burgler brakes into a house shining torch looking for valubles,then to his surprise a voice said jesus is here .'did you just say that'hissed burgler 'just trying to warn you jesus is watching you 'who are you parrot'hissed burgler 'my name is moses' 'who in gods name names parrot...
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    badger cull

    Today in uk the badger cull started,it proved not to work and all the scientist say this rediculus way to go about bovine tb..2000 with killed needlessly on trial cull few weeks back and only two had tb... The best way to go about it is to vacinate the badger or channel them off relocate to an...
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    online bully

    In the news a young girl has killed herself because of this bullys from Latvia,apparently most of this bulling come from Latvia..i am naive in ways of computer facebook etc so question is why dont they delete accounts or put block on senders or is it not that simple as i understand it it...
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    my little cat

    he went to vet today,i honestly thought he be put to sleep i could not bare to go..Vet said only got 5teeth left they need to come out but he to old for anesthetic hope they fall out soon..he on anti biotics for his gums and teeth but vet says more cats are living longer so getting brain...
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    I have just been given jar of kiefer i looked it up on the net clear as mud..i told it very american thing can someone tell me if used it and how
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    help mob phone

    i been getting tx's for sometime from some people i dont know now i got tx from someone asking me to stop sending them tx which i not...i sent the other person her tx back which from her husbands phone she said...only thing in common is we both using replacement phones from same shop..we all...
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    I hope anyone from that area of america on here is safe and thoughts go out to vitims of this tragedy and their families,it just safe