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  1. AJWSmith

    My chicken is ill | Excuse used by support worker

    Have you seen the recent documentary on the BBC about Deaf Teens? [link describing programme in more detail] There is an amusing (and annoying!) incident when a support worker says she can only help a Deaf student for half of a lecture as her chicken is ill. A real WTF moment! I have a problem...
  2. AJWSmith

    Charles Dickens was born 200 years ago today

    You may be aware that 7 Feb 2012 is the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens' birth. Charles Dickens at 200 | Books | The Guardian I've set myself the goal of reading all of Charles Dickens novels this year. I read Bleak House and Little Dorrit a few years ago, but I now want to work my way...
  3. AJWSmith

    Intensive BSL course | Level 2 in 2 weeks!!!

    Today I've started a Level 2 course in BSL. It's an intensive two week course that meets every day (including Sat & Sun). I can't wait to get stuck in and deepen my knowledge of sign language. When I've completed this course I should be able to have a limited conversation with Deaf people at...
  4. AJWSmith

    Have you typed "let it snow" in Google?

    Type "let it snow" and you will see snowflakes begin to appear and the screen starts to mist over. You can rub the mist/condensation off by holding down your mouse button and moving the mouse pointer - or more simply click 'Defrost'
  5. AJWSmith

    Any Squaxx on AD? Do you like to read 2000AD comic?

    Just wondering if I'm the only Squaxx dek Thargo on AD? I'm a big fan of the British anthology comic 2000AD (home of Judge Dredd) and was wondering if there is anybody on AD who likes reading this comic. My favourite characters tend to be the earlier ones like Dan Dare & ABC Warriors...
  6. AJWSmith

    TEDx | Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

    I wanted to share this video of a TEDx talk that has made a MASSIVE impact on me Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability | Video on The talk is captioned/subtitled in 36 languages
  7. AJWSmith

    Starting intensive BSL classes today

    This evening my wife and I begin an intensive BSL course. Each class is 3 hours long and there are two classes a week, plus goodness knows how many hours of homework practice. I'm lucky that my hearing wife wants to do this with me so we can practice BSL together. We can fingerspell and we...
  8. AJWSmith

    Deaf not different | The Vista

    I wanted to share this article I found today Deaf not different - Opinion - The Vista - University of San Diego
  9. AJWSmith

    Blog post | A Flawed System | Deaf Echo

    I came across this blog post today written by a parent of a deaf child. It is quite long but definitely worth reading by anyone who's interested in how the medical system gives information to parents of deaf children. A Flawed System
  10. AJWSmith

    Difference between Audism & Racism

    I wonder if people can help me think through defining audism. Many people use the analogy with racism and it is a helpful analogy. But there is a difference between the two and it is this difference I want to explore. I wish I could think of a better word, but the difference is about...
  11. AJWSmith

    UK readers | sign this e-petition for families to get BSL classes

    As a UK citizen struggling to find a BSL class suitable for my family to learn BSL together, I totally agree with this petition and would encourage all UK users of AllDeaf to sign this petition as well and to spread the word.
  12. AJWSmith

    Runaway cow captured after 3 months on the run

    Now for some udder news you may not have seen BBC News - Bavaria: Fugitive German cow Yvonne gives herself up
  13. AJWSmith

    Quiet Signs of Love | a short film

    I came across this short film tonight and thought it would be worth sharing on AllDeaf. It's a short film that is a kind of advert for the Australian Relay Service, but it takes a bigger look at how a hearing person can connect with a Deaf person using the age-old "boy meets girl" story...
  14. AJWSmith

    Audiologist offers CI "to prevent her falling into deaf society"

    Here's a (sadly all too true) article about how audiologists don't like deaf people Not all deaf people want to be 'fixed' | Charlie Swinbourne | Comment is free | (P.S. I note that Charlie Swinbourne is another fan of "ear play-doh". See this thread for explanation)
  15. AJWSmith

    My new HAs | Oticon Spirit Zest C SP (Chili?)

    Today I was fitted with two new HAs - Oticon Spirit Zest C SP* - which replace the Oticon Spirit 3 P* models I've been wearing for the last four years. My hearing loss zigzags between 90-105dB across the frequencies in both ears. The new ones are most definitely more powerful and I've been...
  16. AJWSmith

    Which is better? Cure for prejudice or for deafness?

    You are offered two magic pills. One pill will give you 100% hearing, but the people you meet through life remain unchanged in their various prejudices (racist, audist, reverse-audist [or "Deaf-ist"], sexist, etc.). The other pill will make everyone you meet treat you nicely - as an...
  17. AJWSmith

    Lady Gaga to learn ASL

    I came across this from one of my twitter feeds and immediately thought it would be of interest to my American Deaf friends Lady GaGa learning sign language for deaf fans | The Sun |Showbiz|Bizarre
  18. AJWSmith

    My Song | Story of a girl stuck between the hearing and Deaf worlds

    Just came across this video which had me in tears :'( BSLBT > British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust > My Song Here's the blurb about this video: A thought-provoking drama about deaf identity A young deaf girl learns sign language to try and find herself, but instead becomes caught...
  19. AJWSmith

    How do you cope with LOUD tinnitus at night?

    I've had tinnitus since childhood and learnt that the way to cope with the humming/ringing/buzzing is to direct my attention on other things. I've got so good at ignoring my tinnitus that the only time I really notice it, was in audiology tests when I was trying to hear the beeps that are at a...
  20. AJWSmith

    <waves hello> o/ I'm AJW and I'm struggling with my deafness

    Salutations :wave: I'm so pleased to have found this forum. It appears to be a very friendly and welcoming community. It could be the answer to my prayers as I am struggling with my deafness at the moment and I'm looking for people who can understand what I'm going through. I...