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  1. x{Kaye}x

    Research Paper Topic

    Hello all! In my Deaf Culture class, we are writing a 5-7 page paper on Deaf culture or things related to Deaf history. I'm gonna need your help choosing a topic. I want it to be different an unique from the papers on Cochlears or differences between hearing and deaf cultures. My first...
  2. x{Kaye}x

    Can You Believe This?

    My friend got out of a ticket because she claimed she was Facebooking-while-driving and not texting-while-driving. What a stupid cop! Can you believe this? I don't think it should be ok to facebook and drive OR text and drive. Opinions anyone?
  3. x{Kaye}x

    Who's Your Celebrity Look-a-like? =)

    This is always fun. I'm on the left, and my celeb twin Alexis Bledel is on the right.
  4. x{Kaye}x

    My Photoshop Work

    This is most of my photoshop work. Enjoy! And be sure to use anything you like. :shock: UnderTheEarth's Gallery (UnderTheEarth is my username on that site. And my signature is also some of my own work.)
  5. x{Kaye}x

    I have some questions about Gallaudet/any Deaf school

    I would like to transfer to Gallaudet soon, but I'm a little skeptical about my time there. I am hearing, so will i need a voicing interpreter of some kind? (if the teacher only signs) Are some classes taught by hearing people who talk while they're signing? I'm afraid if I don't know...
  6. x{Kaye}x

    Hi Guys!

    My name is Katie. I am new - and hearing. I'm here to further my ASL abilities and communicate with Deaf people. I'm hoping to become an interpreter. I have loved ASL my whole life but decided to completely pursue it about a year or 2 ago. Currently I am getting my Associates and...