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  1. TheOracle

    I'm on a quest to get married.

    If I don't get this job, I'll need health insurance. :shock: I'm serious. TheOracle will be lawfully civil unioned, hitched, or domestic partnershipped before long.
  2. TheOracle

    Colorism: An ignored aspect of racism.

    The Lighter the Skin, the Shorter the Prison Term? I agree with the premise of this article with one caveat: Attractive people get less harsher sentences as well. And skin color is a matter of one's perception of beauty. Thoughts?
  3. TheOracle

    Q about sign for Barack Obama. Play on 'words'?

    Sooo, someone told me that they've seen President Obama being referred to in one of two ways, and I can't remember the exact sign/s, but it was something like: A 'B' sign moving towards an ear (but not in 'deaf' way). An 'O' sign that, and pardon, I don't remember the rest, but that person...
  4. TheOracle

    What do you teach your children about God?

    This is taken from another message board. Someone was ranting that people who believe in a god or follow a religion are stunted and blablablah, the usual "religion is stupid" stuff. I pointed out that religion was a type of philosophy, and philosophy is the study of problems. Religion revolves...
  5. TheOracle

    ASL and language development...questionnaire.

    So...I would *really* appreciate if it you guys could answer the following questions. Please note that this is not a thread on which methodologies are the best or what worked for you in school. It IS about deaf education, because obviously language acquisition is half of it. :) All ASL...
  6. TheOracle

    Man Holds Mom Hostage With an Ax and Force Her to Watch Movies

    Well, the first clue he was :crazy: would be the sword and the fact he lives at home... Cops: Ax-wielding man forces mom to watch movies - US news - Weird news - :laugh2:
  7. TheOracle

    wtf news: Man Calls 911 from atop...a train.

    Cops: Man wanting free ride calls 911 from atop train We sure know how to breed 'em!
  8. TheOracle

    Arriving as Pregnant Tourists, Leaving With American Babies :shock: I feel awfully privileged to live in a country that so many covet...
  9. TheOracle

    Gansler urges ban on app that can alert drunk drivers

    OH MY GOD. Like these bastards need any help!
  10. TheOracle

    14 y/o girl arrested for posting nude photos of herself.

    Girl, 14, arrested over nude pics of herself - The Denver Post So...who was arrested for looking at them?
  11. TheOracle

    Democracy in Egypt? :hmm:

    Egypt's revolutionaries say abusive treatment persists - and...treatment of protesters... *sigh* Enter a new military state...
  12. TheOracle

    Parents Protest over Peanut Allergy Rules

    I saw this last week and thought, wtf?! Anyway, here's a link. There's also a video if you want to see the protest...CC is not required to get the idea. Peanut Allergy Protest a 'Misunderstanding,' Florida School District Says - ParentDish That poor little girl. She's six years old and...
  13. TheOracle

    Bombing in Jerusalem injures 30

    Jerusalem blast leaves dozens injured - Put a damper on my morning mood. :(
  14. TheOracle

    Man Gets Full Face Transplant.

    Full Face Transplant for Dallas Wiens, Texas Construction Worker, Is Most Complete in United States - ABC News There's a after results yet. This guy is extremely positive. Awesome. ... And if you're interested, this woman is also on the waiting list...Charla Nash, Victim...
  15. TheOracle

    Does our primary language influence how we think/see the world?

    Can you learn new thngs without having a language for it? Take the Pirahã lanugage and people. They have words for "more" and "less" but not numbers. According to some controversial experiments, they do not know how to count and could not be taught number concepts (one, two, three, etc., as...
  16. TheOracle

    I guess there's a benefit of my dad having a girlfriend AND a wife...

    I got double the birthday presents. :party: *oops. Benefit TO my dad having a girlfriend and a wife.
  17. TheOracle

    Spin-Off. Define "handicap" and "disability"

    Since there seems to be a lot of steam about semantics here, I'm interested in your definitions of "handicap/handicapped" and "disability/disabled". Is to have a disability mean that you are in the state of being disabled? Is a disability a handicap? I know I love semantics...but humor me...