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  1. CrzyMeg

    Wet n Wild

    Deaf day in Orlando at Wet n Wild on 15th and 16th of July Wet n Wild
  2. CrzyMeg

    My thoughts on Deaf Education

    :wave: Hey just my thoughts. Probably mostly rant. Forgive me. But what i learn recently and from my personal experiences. I believe deaf people can raise up to the challenge to higher level standard of education if they put themselves to do it. True it is hard work. From my experience, my...
  3. CrzyMeg

    Two New Addition to My Family

  4. CrzyMeg

    My heart

    I look up the sky the sun shining so bright But i am always in shadow Hidden from places that people always hanging around. Now i feel like a loner just hang with family and friends Never the outsiders Now i look around Reaching out Strangers begin to help me Now my heart fill of love...
  5. CrzyMeg

    Here I am

    As cloud darken, I look at the sky Wish time gone by I turn around My friends left me behind This moment i knew that i was only sheltering them Was simply use me to help them Time have gone by As I turn around at school They simply talk about me Right behind my back...
  6. CrzyMeg

    Shelter from the Storm

    As Cloud became black, rain begin to pour And Wind blowing hard Now the tornadoes touches ground As I look outside And seeing my friends in danger at bus stop I run toward to bus stop I have duck so many times from debris flying above From what I see, Tornadoes touch the...
  7. CrzyMeg

    Angel of the Light

    In the dark room that I barely see Now I see little light in room barely shining in room I feel like I am stuck in dark room Knowing that I wont get away Many people say I am light in room And they see me as their hope Now I have given them hope to survive… Once I turn my back on them...
  8. CrzyMeg


    Apparently when i found my little sister graduate and got her dimploa. in despite of that. i already aware for whole year that she was failing in classes right below 1.0 gpa average. She is usually 4.0 gpa student until she move to CA. Where she failed the classes and skipping classes. I just...
  9. CrzyMeg

    CrzyMeg is back

    Hey Y'all. I miss you guys. I dont remember how long i was gone. :lol: :wave:
  10. CrzyMeg

    My Family

    Of course you will get some ideas :) my mom and her bf my mom Me and KiaLea Jessica - I misses her :cry: Jessica Ambrelle
  11. CrzyMeg

    for Ladies only

    how are you feel when person you love ask to marry you? :aw:
  12. CrzyMeg

    Verbal Fights

    I have come cross the verbal fight, and had one this morning with one person. i got entirely pissed off at him, excuse my manners. :lol: what i meant is that have u personally have this problem? and how to handle it?
  13. CrzyMeg

    Hey Y'all

    Whuz up with everyone? I been away for long time, oh i dont know how long i was gone this time LMAO, i just got my computer set up and I just moved to Maine. It is cold up here.
  14. CrzyMeg


    I went to doctor with my older sister. I hear my niece or nephew's heartbeat. It was so excited! :wave:
  15. CrzyMeg

    10 more days!

    Until my birthday! i am excited!
  16. CrzyMeg

    Dropping out of College

    i had trouble focusing on college this semster so i am dropping out and take next semster off and try enter Culinary Program
  17. CrzyMeg

    Suggestion about.....

    I tripped over on myspace app on nations: Role Play i dunno if that is allowable or not however but it might make more interesting and fun.
  18. CrzyMeg

    I am back but i will be leaving again.

    I am here for short time but i am leaving again for 3 weeks but i will try to check in when i can, i am goin to Maine for christmas break.
  19. CrzyMeg

    CrzyMeg is Backkkkkkk :)

    Hello guys, it been so long, how things going on here :) :lol:
  20. CrzyMeg

    Popular by boys

    have you ever been popular? Boys following you around? or you just being beautiful that boys would love? Have you ever asked by many boys asking on date at same time? I have! any clues or advices to help me to do something or anything PLS! i am going nuts!