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    Hi everybody

    Welcome, Claire!
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    Introduce myself

    Welcome, Colleen. Wishing you well.
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    New here...

    Thank you so much. My implant is also in the left ear and was implanted on the 22nd. I am to be activated on the 7th. I am optimistic and it helps to read the experiences of others. Looking forward to eventually getting back into life a little. Wishing you well.
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    New Member

    Welcome, Joan.
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    I am new here

    Welcome, Doyle64.
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    New here...

    Thank you, VI. I am scheduled to get an implant on the 22nd and I am feeling very optimistic. Hope the ASL is going well for you. Take care. Be happy.
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    Hi There

    Welcome Gretta. Sending you an early Happy Birthday greeting!
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    Lost my hearing in both ears just a year ago.

    Hi Prince820, did you get your implants? If so, how are you doing with them? Wishing you well.
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    Hi Everyone :-)

    Welcome, Freespiritwander.
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    That is so nice. Be happy.
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    Welcome, Levi. I wish you well.
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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    It's 4 am here and I am having coffee while reading what is new on these forums. Enjoy a great day, everyone! Also, going for my ci evaluation this week so anxious to see how that goes :)
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    New here...

    And welcome to you Deafly Media!
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    Maybe find some one right for me. Take it easy

    Not sure why being single upsets you and I am sorry that it does. It's okay to be alone sometimes. They say just because you are alone doesn't mean that you are lonely. I know that obviously doesn't work for everyone. Don't mean to get into your business; perhaps, just don't beat yourself up...
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    New here...

    Welcome, mcair1020! I have been receiving/reading a lot of very helpful information from these forums and hope you will also. Enjoy a beautiful day!
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    lv decided on no hearing aids or operations.

    Hi x1heavy, would you mind giving me a little more information on the $20 walmart voice booster that you use? Thank you!
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    Great feel to be a part here

    How are you doing, williamkimbler? Would you like to share your story? Enjoy a great day.
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    Best method for learning sign language?

    Thank you, Creole Lassie. Good luck with your search also.
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    Best method for learning sign language?

    So very true. I have the greatest respect for those in the trucking industry. They (you) keep the country moving and keep it stocked with whatever is needed. My "hat" is off to you. Take care....
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    Best method for learning sign language?

    It sounds like you have led an amazing life and what an honor and testimonial of who you are by becoming class Valedictorian also! And you are correct, your experiences have made you the person that you are today. It was a pleasure reading that. Best wishes...