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  1. Seether

    I'm back

    Hey everyone! Long time no computer. I'm at college now and everything's going good. I found out yesterday that my mom's pregnant. :eek: *shocked* but besides that everthing's normal.
  2. Seether

    I need a job

    Maybe one of you Massachusetts dwellers can help me. I'd like a job where I can put what I know of ASL into use and learn more ASL. Somewhere in or near Amherst, MA would be super. I need to get away from the fast food industry. 17 yr old (18 on November 19), college student @ Umass...
  3. Seether

    hey! what's up?

    hey everyone. I'm new uh, just saying hi. Also, curious as to what other careers I can have in the deaf community (other than interpreting). Ask me questions if you'd like. <3 Seether