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  1. Simown

    I'm back

    Hey everyone! Some of you may remember me but I thought I should (re)introduce myself. I'm Peter, 24 - currently living in the north west of England. I have been really busy recently graduating and starting a new job/moving house but never fear, I have returned. Looking forward to being part...
  2. Simown

    AD Resident Artist

    I bet you didn't know you had an artist lurking among you? I proudly show off some of my lastest pieces:
  3. Simown

    Back On Track!

    I posted a few weeks ago saying I had to leave my University because they wouldn't provide the accomodations for me. I was quite scared I wouldn't be accepted into University this time. I applied to several and... ...I have recieved an unconditional offer from one University already, which...
  4. Simown

    Forced out

    You may not have seen me much recently and for a good reason, I have been busy at University. But, it is not all good news, from the end of next week I will not have a place at this University, I have no other option but to leave. Let me explain: I have been attending this university for...
  5. Simown

    Introducing Yourself

    I've been really busy recently getting ready for University, sorry if anyone has tried to contact me, send me a personal message AGAIN if you'd like :) I'm sure you all missed me? Anyway, I am moving into halls of residence in October in another city to start my University Degree and will be...
  6. Simown

    Good news?

    10 days until I get a confirmation whether I have been accepted into University or not this year... I am absolutely dreading it. Any tips on how to take my mind off it? Or anything else?!! I'll keep you updated. ;)
  7. Simown

    Just me

    Hey everyone! Well, i've been deaf since 2006, so about 3 years, I can hear a little with the aid of a cochlear implant. I've never really had any contact with other teenagers that are deaf, so it would be nice to talk and get to know you all. Oh, i'm 19 years old. Finding it kinda hard to...