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  1. Mimsy

    Does a 20 year old have the right to

    get a belly-button piercing when her parents forbid it? just curious.
  2. Mimsy

    Question about HoH grandpapa

    My grandfather is 77 and is HoH due to age. No one ever thought of him as "hard of hearing", it was just "Nonno (grandpapa in Italian) is getting old and his hearing isn't as good as it used to be". But it's becoming an issue because we have to speak really loudly and he has to be looking at...
  3. Mimsy

    Do you pick up pennies off the sidewalk?

    I always pick up pennies or dimes or whatever coins I see laying on the sidewalk. Do you? I was with with my friends earlier and they laughed at me for picking up a penny. My friend said that when her mother sweeps the floor in their apartment and there's a penny in the dust, she throws it...
  4. Mimsy

    Little House on the Prairie

    I've started watching this show which is old from the 1980's and in re-reuns, but I really like it. It's about pioneers who settled in a tiny town called Walnut Grove in Minnesota. One thing that bothers me is the women wearing skirts and petticoats under their dresses when it's so hot out...
  5. Mimsy

    Hand Talk

    I was looking at books on and I saw one about Native American "hand talk". This is what was written: All varieties of American Indian Sign Language are currently endangered, but prior to the cultural disruption caused by European colonization, it was commonly used across a large...
  6. Mimsy

    Are you a member of lots of internet forums?

    I'm a member of a Walt Disney World forum, a dog forum and alldeaf. What about you?
  7. Mimsy

    I think I may have a ...

    boyfriend! I was out with friends tonight which included a guy I've had my eye on. He's a friend of a friend of a friend type of situation who comes out with us once in a while. We've flirted back and forth a bit whenever he was with us, but nothing really happened. Well, I got a call from...
  8. Mimsy

    I've decided to finally learn to drive

    I've always been nervous about learning to drive a car, and I never really had to since I use the subway or walk everywhere, but I just now this second decided I'm going for it. Better late than never!
  9. Mimsy

    If you had tons of money: favorite charities

    If I had lots of money to donate, I'd support these three charities: The Humane Society The Humane Society of the United States : The Humane Society of the United States The USO USO Doctors Without Borders Doctors Without Borders What about you? There are so many to choose that need help.
  10. Mimsy

    Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are disgusting!

    They are guilty! And they are writing a book to make money from murdering a beautiful wonderful innocent girl!!! The Italian court said they are innocent, but Susanna (yes yes yes Meredith, but nto her loved ones family her family name is SUSANNA) if they held the trial in England (impossible...
  11. Mimsy

    Should people be shunned for not living up to their potential?

    Say you have a cousin who went to pre-law school in university, graduated early with straight As, and was accepted into a prestigious Law School. His family was thrilled and basically prepared him for success all his life. At the last minute, your cousin says "I don't want to be a lawyer, I...
  12. Mimsy

    My education/career decision has been made

    After a lot of thinking, nervousness, researching and getting valued advice, I've decided not to go to Cornell for a doctorate in Veterinary Science. Instead, I am now enrolled in a community college close to home (I will be able to live at home) for A.A.S. Degree in Veterinary Technology/...
  13. Mimsy

    Cornell accepted me

    My parents just called a little while ago to tell me that I have been granted early admission to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Classes begin in three weeks. I have to get back to NY and decide what to do. I can't live in campus housing with Luca and I can't leave him...
  14. Mimsy

    Can't take my dog with me to England :(

    Every summer I spend two weeks in Italy with grandparents and two weeks in England with other grandparents. I've been taking my dog Luca with me for the past three summers ever since he was 8 weeks old. Now I find out the quarantine rules in England have changed and I can't take him from Italy...
  15. Mimsy

    Do you sign to your pets?

    I've started signing to my dog Luca, just using non-verbal hand and face gestures and he's catching on. I think this is so cool! What about you?
  16. Mimsy

    Signing isn't the Deaf "language"?

    Deaf friend told me it is incorrect to say signing is the Deaf language because "language" comes from the French word langue which means tongue-speech. Does this bother you Deaf for signing to be called language? Curious.
  17. Mimsy

    Smithtr: communication question

    Hi Smithtr, I noticed that the way you use words is different from many other Deaf here. I was imagining that you write by translating directly from signing. Did I guess correctly? If it's not an invasion of your privacy, would you tell how you learned to communicate? ASL, SEE, speech...
  18. Mimsy

    My bother got married and I'm sad

    I have two brothers, 24 and 26. The 26 year old got married last Sunday (8 July) and even though the wedding was beautiful and I love his wife and he's ready to be a husband, I'm feeling sad that things will never be the same in our home again. He won't be with us every night for dinner, he...
  19. Mimsy

    Deaf Olympic athletes

    Deaf Sports Famous Deaf Athletes - Disaboom You may know about deaf sports competitors from international events such as the Deaflympics, but a few standout athletes have performed head-to-head with hearing competitors and triumphed. Here, we’ve gathered their amazing stories. I love...
  20. Mimsy

    Fingernails and toenails

    Do you go to a salon to have your nails polished or do it yourself, or you don't polish your nails? I get my toenails done at a salon because they give a good foot massage, but I do my own fingernails. I just can't see spending $25 every two weeks to have both done professionally. But most of...