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  1. mbrek

    Alexander Graham Bell and Mabel Gardiner Hubbard’s Love Story in Photos

    You showed one example, but by specifically noted hearing status you make it a factor. I fail to see how you could know the outcome of hearing and deaf marriages from well over 100 years ago. It's not like they can't still communicate. I think it's exemplary when couples stay close for so long...
  2. mbrek

    Alexander Graham Bell and Mabel Gardiner Hubbard’s Love Story in Photos

    Some people can be very devoted to each other, even into old age. I don't see how hearing status should factor into that love. What if one was black and one was white? One was blind, the other seeing? Why would that change how they feel for each other?
  3. mbrek

    Alexander Graham Bell and Mabel Gardiner Hubbard’s Love Story in Photos

    Curious... how does that make her different from the rest of us? :hmm:
  4. mbrek

    20 Dogs & Cats Hugging....

    Love it! #19 looks like they've been caught making out.
  5. mbrek

    Deaf meme

    Haha! That's like traveling abroad and telling someone you're from Idaho. "You're from Idaho?!? I know someone from Idaho! Do you know Bob?" :lol:
  6. mbrek

    Cued speech for adults?

    I'm a late in life HoH. I am learning sign. And in doing so I'm also finding a bunch of wonderful new people who I am now lucky enough to call friends. Will all your friends learn? Probably not. But those who want to keep you in their lives will at least make the effort to learn a few basic...
  7. mbrek

    The All Deaf Spammer Registry

  8. mbrek

    I have several questions for the deaf community?

    If you're doing this for a school project, I understand you may have a deadline. But if you're doing this as just a general interest for yourself, take your time. The approach of "I want to know everything right away" puts people off.
  9. mbrek

    What good thing happened to you today?

    Kristina, even your CATS have mobility issues?!?!?
  10. mbrek

    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    ^^^ That's like sticking a band-aid on every ailment. Got a headache? Here's a band-aid. Allergies or a cold? Have a band-aid. These people need to stop thinking that every special need requires a wheel chair.
  11. mbrek

    Does CI affect some nerves?

    Wow... I never imagined CIs surgery could make foods taste differently! The interesting things I am learning here.
  12. mbrek

    Stick with your own kind? or Mix it up!

    I'm drawn to a certain personality type; the intelligent goofball. The outer package matters a bit, he needs to at least take care of himself. Aside from that, tall/short, heavy/thin, bald/hairy - doesn't matter much. There are other personality traits that are musts for me as well... but once I...
  13. mbrek

    What are you thinking about? Part V

    They can't do much for a cold. Stay home with your germs... it will pass eventually.
  14. mbrek

    Deaf party - all welcome!!!

    We'll just lick them off if that happens. Dang, Cheetah - you throw a mean party! :D :party:
  15. mbrek

    Random Vents.....

    ^^^ No, you're just coming across too many knuckeheads.
  16. mbrek

    Deaf party - all welcome!!!

    Want to try it again with that gold piece, Cheetah? :D
  17. mbrek

    Deaf party - all welcome!!!

    Oh, the possibilities... :naughty:
  18. mbrek

    Deaf party - all welcome!!!

    ^^^ I hope the tall, good-looking one won't be missing his handcuffs any time soon. :giggle:
  19. mbrek

    Thinking in numbers...

    "number" ASL American Sign Language
  20. mbrek

    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    The teachers throw spitballs? That is one tough school... :giggle: