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    Defective cochlear-ear implant ....In case someone you know has this older model

    Jury awards $7.25M for hearing aid that severely shocked
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    I am still lost
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    bra size issues?

    Oceanblue7 posted this link in another thread The Perfect Fit
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    Hello from Kentucky :)

    Is it true that when a couple from Kentucky get divorced they are still brother and sister?
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    Here's one idiot

    Maybe you forgot to take out the trash ?
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    no matter what, Foxnews gotta complain

    I dont even know why they call it "Fox News". It should be "Fox right-wing propaganda"
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    Here's one idiot

    are you sure ? maybe you left the toilet seat up again
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    Super Bowl XLIV Predictions

    you might be talking about Jay Cutler...He went from the Broncos to the Bears
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    Super Bowl XLIV Predictions

    You get a D- for your picks
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    Super Bowl XLIV Predictions

    maybe in about 10 years
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    Here's one idiot

    why is your wife so angry ?
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    My trip to Yellowstone

    The buffalo are really bison {no idea what the difference is} I have no clue what kind of bird that was I could hear wolves but I did not see them There was elk but no mountain lions My last vacation before this one I discovered that my tent camping days are over so I was in a...
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    Finally did book is published!

    Malfoyish, I thought your first novel was going to be titled { BBNT, the greatest ever} :(
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    My trip to Yellowstone

    These are pics of my trip, the first link is to all the pics The 2nd link views the pics as a slide-show Yellowstone pictures from hiking & backpacking photos on webshots Slideshow of pictures, photos, and videos, from webshots
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    Moving Forword

    Will get to my feet Once and for all Walk out that door Don’t stop or I’ll fall Taken me long To get to this point I feel strong enough Hope I won’t disappoint The world outside Has been waiting for me Its called to me often It wants me to flee Ignored it to long This feeling...
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    What Ticks You Off (Most) About Hearies?

    shoot all hearing people
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    Autism Etiquette

    Here is my daughters response..... The first thing that you should know is that Autism is a spectrum disorder which means you will never find two people with Autism that are the same. There are some people with Autism that seem just like you or me. On the other hand, there are some people...