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  1. jamesx007

    who is the hell is Daryl Martin?!

    Who is Daryl Martin!?!? he's my roommate- so I need to know! *argh* (muttering) PLEASE DO im me at Jamesx002 if anyone know anything!
  2. jamesx007

    offensive thread

    LEMME say this... this is kinda fucked up because one of my friend, Prostock had his thread erased because it was offensive. BUT look at Hacker!!!! He fuckin' burned the goddamn BIBLE! c'mon! that's WORSE than insult arabs. (scoff) I wanna to hear opinions from y'all!
  3. jamesx007


    wellll- I'm new at this stuff! I'm from FOXBORO, mass. I'm 19- I goes to RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL FOR DEAF in RI... lol I love to chatting with friends online, or tmobile sidekick. I like to hang out with friends than stay at home, do nothing. and I'm starting to have interest in graphic design...