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  1. caz


    My iPad has gone onto American setting how I get it back to Apple English one.i somehow got iCloud email address instead of Google one.What did I son things it that making it slow and he say sound is bad
  2. caz

    British landrover

    Last day for this iconic car British Land Rover:(but people all over the world still driving 40year old land rovers.Myself found it uncomfortable Up Side the loran going on market again
  3. caz


    Has anyone got any good home made or decent medication ideas for arthritis.i went to put in H/a on today I rarely wear I unable to do it.unable get fingers straight and shoulder not move.Told I had fracture humerus turns out be servers arthritis not enough room in Traumer clinic for husband come...
  4. caz

    Trick question

    Who makes the most tyres in the world
  5. caz

    iCloud email

    I was messing about on iPad trying get letter not hard to use and I somehow got iCloud email address what it for when di use it It half my old address and iCloud the resr
  6. caz

    Presidential queston

    When president retired can they go back become congressman or ceniter some active goverment work
  7. caz

    Personnel post

    I got quite a few pm but unable to open them and my box not full.sorry not answer those who pm me but maybe Alex or Calvin reb bot may help me
  8. caz


    I type out letters they ok spell checker ok but posted wrong letters reads like mush.ok sometimes I post before reading and my sight is bad but often it iPad that changes my words why
  9. caz

    Rights on signs

    I not sure where I read this and unable to find on net.ASDA which owned by wallmark have the tap pocket advert back and they say they have total rights to this..ASDA in BSL is tap on pocket and would be used in sign books. I understand James Bond the same arm across chest fingers gun...
  10. caz

    I throwing a question out see what you think

    Ok I deaf and rely somewhat on hubby which I may have done anyhow that big mistake." . He now is laten deaf and hearing aid all he needs music tv very loud neighbours complained.Telephone no gets answered no hears mob for texting. This bugs me I no do anything with my hearing and he can.ican...
  11. caz

    Church joke

    A man (let's say American)decided to write a book about churches. He bought ticket and flew to let's say Orlando he popped into church and and on the wall was golden ticket that said £100.00 a call.He asked priest what it meant priest replies it line directly to God and have a chat. The...
  12. caz

    Efficiency reports

    These are some reported comment 1.he got into gene pool when God not watching temperature I.q 3got 6 pack nothing hold iit together 4.photographic memory with lens cap glued on 5.he got 2 brains 1 looking for the other 6.penny for his thoughts you get change dense light bends...
  13. caz

    Clever little old lady

    A little old lady walking down the road with 2 plastic bags 1 of bags had rip in it and £20 kept falling out. Noticing this a cop stops her'little old lady ma'am there are £20 notes falling out of your bag' it she kept on walking.' 'Not so fast ma'am did you steal it oh no sir you see my...
  14. caz


    The climate change meeting don't worry bill gates going to save us
  15. caz

    South America

    Been my dream go to Puerto Williams Del fuego and Patagonia my confidences is on a downward spiral.I started Spanish although I have school girl Spanish it average for reading,When she speaking spanish it hard so we go out once a week and go over stuff she mate. they speak Welsh with strong...
  16. caz

    Black friday

    went to town Black Friday big let down and a con
  17. caz

    Need some clarifcation

    I recieved gmail notice I opened to my husband surprise Monty Python song about sperm and how awful be if American children got it(why just American God knows)implied I sent it.Not a clue what it means now notification vanish.Could anybody explain what it means or what I American kids...
  18. caz

    Ufo sighting

    On news had section someone had time lapse camera on their roof showing a distinct ufo flying on what appeared set trajectory quite a few people saw and phoned in.Your military shrugged it off saying navy were practice missiles.That would real pi88 me to know doing that so near where people...
  19. caz

    Russia plane crash

    it appears that Russian plane was shot down Going be meeting of COBRA 2hours.Nothing will get me flying again.British government have acknowledged it.No airplanes will be going from uk to there they been grounded.
  20. caz

    ipad emoticon

    on my ipad I got loads of emoticons even ASL not bsl but I live with that..NOwhere on ipad can I see cut and paste how do I do it