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    ringing ears, and dizziness without hearing aids : (

    I have lots of ringing in my ears when my aids are out, and I get dizzy. I have to put my aids in right after my shower so I can function. I have discovered that if I play music it makes the ringing better. Has anybody else experienced this? It is Very frustrating! I don't wish this on anybody...
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    notes in class for HOH

    I was wondering at community college are you allowed to record your classes, or can somebody takes notes for you? Am I responsible for paying the note taker? I plan on going to school next year, and am concerned at how much I will be missing out on. I need to read up on the law I suppose. I want...
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    HOH at college

    I was wondering what things will be like going to college next year. How much am I going to miss the the professor is saying? Am I allowed to record the class? I am 38, and haven't been in school for a long time. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank AD!
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    missed introduction

    Hi all! My name is Nicky, and I live in Virginia. I am HOH in both ears. I got my first H.A on the left ear @ 20. They didn't know if it was due to a head injury I had, or the sirens from running rescue. I am now 38 have ringing in my L ear really bad when not wearing my aid, and some...
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    verizon poor customer service

    I got a Droid phone last year. It was great no problem. Last spring I started not receiving my texts and on email. They fixed it twice. The next time I got a like new phone. Yesterday I got another " Like new phone". This one makes everybody sound like a robot. My kids cannot even hear on it. I...
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    Deaf Coffee :)

    I am HOH, and working on using my ASL more. I am also teaching my kids who are very excited to learn. We went to Deaf Coffee on Thursday, and LOVED it! It was great making new friends, and having people to sign with. I haven't had anybody to sign with in 8 years. My kids are excited! Everybody...
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    Power mold wrong size

    Hi guys. So I got my Oticon hearing aids llast week. I am very happyy with them. My ausi had a powermold made for the ritght ear since that side kept slipping out all the time. It seem it is not big enough. I have had it for a week. It ismadetoo of acrylic. I go back today. I was going to ask...
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    Running with hearing aids.

    I RITE Oticon aids. The thin tube is digging into the top of my ears. They also fall out my ears. My audi is ordering a power mold with a lock for the right since it never stays in. I was wondering if I should go back to BTE with molds? They are a bit bigger, and heavier to not fall out. Any...