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    Do you think parents should have the right to tattoo their kids?

    A mother and father were arrested and charged with cruelty to children, they had tattooed their kids with a homemade tattoo gun, so I'm asking you all do you think parents have that right to tattoo their kids? ;)
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    If you could make a Christmas wish come true, What would it be?

    List a brief description of the Christmas wish you would like to come true.
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    Is it ever acceptable to wear someone else's jacket without permission?

    Supposedly you brought a NFL, Nascar, MLB, NBA jacket, an expensive jacket and you haven't wore it yet, but someone else is wearing your jacket without your knowledge. Would you think it is extremely rude, disrespectful and morally wrong?
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    "After the Silence"

    Have any of you seen this film? It is about a neglected deaf girl, is routinely beaten by her father, but her case falls through the cracks of the system because her family never taught her sign language and she can't identify her attacker to others. I was so disappointed that this film...
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    Bad News:

    Hi everyone, as I've haven't been around for three weeks, there was a reason for it, as most of you know how close I am to my dad, just three weeks ago in Reno, NV my dad had a stroke which had hit all of us extreme hard, He had blood clots traveled in his left side of his brain, on one side of...
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    What are you doing on Mother's day?

    I'm planning on getting a hotel room with indoor pool so my boys could go swimming, since my house is under construction, not that I'm complaining I'm sure the house will look much nicer once it's remodel. It wont be done until Tuesday at least I hope. ;) Then we might go to a park and have a...
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    Spring/Summer Weather Temperture:

    For the past several weeks most of us had experienced snow, rain, and hail, now for a couple of days, the weather has change for the better, maybe not all of you, but I'm curious how it is now with the weather for you? :P Right now, It's 81 degrees here in Cleveland Ohio. It's beautiful out...
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    Has anyone watched lifetime earlier tonight?

    There was a movie "Prayers For Bobby" It was a emotional true story movie about a religious mother who had struggled to accept her son, Bobby being gay, and he committed suicide. That movie brought so much tears to my eyes. Ally Action - Bobby Griffith Memorial Scholarship
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    A body remains might belong to Caylee Anthony's

    I was watching CNN and found out that someone called in and said a child's skull was discovered near Caylee Anthony's home, but they're not sure if it's Caylee we have to wait on the DNA to be absolutely sure. Have you watched it?
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    Quick question: What to wear to a funeral?

    My son doesn't have any nice black pants so does it matter what to wear at the funeral, I prefer to wear something more appropriate, would jeans with a nice shirt would be okay for boys? I need answers before we leave for the funeral service today at 6 pm, it'll be greatly appreciated. Thank you...
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    I found it!! Gas Station shooting:

    I posted last night on AD about what I've saw what had happened at the gas station. - View Single Post - The Lounge thread: Whatever you feel like......... Anything goes! Part XI It was a robbery just as I thought! :Ohno: I was there at 11:15 pm just before the cops pulled in the...
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    Pets overpopluation (USA or Europe)

    I remember recalling someone said that there are pet overpopulation problem in the USA than in Europe. I found that to be untrue because from my experience when I visited Turkey, I witnessed so many cats and dogs running around loose. I've also learned that those dogs aren't spayed or neutering...
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    My Trip to Turkey: (pictures)

    Sorry that I haven't been around to post the pictures of my trip to Turkey, I've been real busy for the past weeks now, so here they are. ;) This is Ephesus: More coming:
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    Attention deaf adults/Parents with deaf children Methodologies:

    Before I begin, This thread is relating to individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing and Parents of deaf/cochlear implant children. If you are not deaf, hard of hearing or not a Parents of deaf/cochlear implant children please refrain from posting on this thread. Thank you in advance. ;) This...
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    Haunted House:

    Have you ever went to a haunted house near you? If so, which haunted house that frighten you the most? Share your experience and post a link of the hunted house. Here's mine: 7 Floors of Hell Cleveland Ohio's Biggest and Best haunted House! I went there last year, and I'm telling you...
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    What to expect when taking a vacation oversea?

    I'm taking a trip oversea in Oct, What I want to know what should I expect or need to do when traveling alone? This is my first vacation out of the United States beside Canada so I'm kinda nervous about the whole trip. :giggle: Any feedbacks or tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ;)
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    Missing Fla. girl may have been killed

    ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — The mother of a missing 2-year-old is a person of interest in a case that is beginning to look like a homicide, prosecutors said Tuesday. Sheriff's deputies said they still hope to find the girl alive. Casey Anthony, 22, is charged only with child neglect and lying to...
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    Big Brother 10

    is on tonight on CBS, 8 pm et/pt if you're a big brother's fan. ;) Big Brother: Watch Episodes and Video and Join the Ultimate Fan Community -
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    Ex HOH girlfriend stalks you..

    Agreed. :)
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    Moonflower!! Hope you had a great birthday! :hug: