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  1. ecp

    Trying to get a second CI

    First, I’m Deaf an not ashamed of that. I’ve ha a right CI for 5 years and have done wonderfully. I’m trying to go to medical school and since I still have significant difficulty understanding speech (despite wonderful booth tests) I have wanted to get a second CI. I saw a new Audi in my home...
  2. ecp

    What does the Equal sign on the body mean in these videos? I’m Deaf, not an interpreter but based on the words of the song I’d end the lines on “want” as in “you can’t always get what you want”. I grew up in a SEE school so I’m not perfect with ASL. The body “equal”...
  3. ecp

    Interpreter question (position relative to speaker)?

    I have a question for the interpreters out there. How do you decide where to stand when interpreting? I recently went to an event with a very animated speaker who was in the middle of the stage but the interpreters were on the very edge of the stage. I felt like I was going to break my neck...
  4. ecp

    Cigna and cochlear implants

    Hey everybody, I got my first cochlear implant 4 years ago with my graduate school insurance (which was amazing and covered all of the surgery and equipment except a $100 fee. I was truly lucky). Now we in the states have a new president and things have changed. Has anybody had luck with Cigna...
  5. ecp

    Controversial People

    So, there is a fairly famous "youtuber" who claims to be "totally deaf" yet this person plays computer videogames while being paid without hearing aids and with headphones. This person seems to me to be using their self described "single sided severe hearing loss with mild loss on the other...
  6. ecp

    Are There Places Where Public Vcos Exist?

    8 have a very important phone meeting and I'm trying to get caption call, sprint VCO and anything that will work to work with my phone (iPhone 6). The ideal system would display the captions on my iPad or computer screen. And app recommendations or places to go (library?) if I can't get VCO to...
  7. ecp

    Two Weeks Binaural

    I had progressive hearing loss starting from childhood and was profound by college. I wore the Naida III UP from age 22-28 when I got an advanced bionics cochlear implant in my right ear. The past two years with the cochlear implant have been amazing and since I'd like to get my left ear...
  8. ecp


    Can anybody who is in a Deaf school provide syllabuses for your English/Literature classes? I'm starting to think that schools set the goals for deaf students very low so that they look good when students reach the low goals but this severely limits what students can achieve. Hearing students...
  9. ecp

    One month and one week post-activation

    On February 14th my Advanced Bionics midscala hires 90k cochlear implant with Nadia CI processor was activated. Immediately I could hear all sorts of things. I could hear voices and understand my husband's words even though it didn't sound human. I haven't had formal speech testing yet (that...
  10. ecp

    Funny thing happened today

    I'm in graduate school and have to turn in 15 pages of my rough draft on Friday. I was listening to music before class in the classroom with about 4 of my classmates. I use DAI to connect to my BTEs, pretty normal stuff. But after going to get coffee I had to reconnect the DAI, so I did as I...
  11. ecp

    CI evaluation tomorrow

    Like the title says, getting evaluated tomorrow. If you are so inclined, hope/pray/wish that my hearing is crappy enough to get a CI or two.
  12. ecp

    When do you decide that you aren't getting enough benefit from hearing aids?

    So, lately even with my Naida hearing aids I've been struggling with understanding speech. In noise I am completely lost, in a small group I depend on the person closest to me to repeat or paraphrase what was said. One on one I rock my hearing aids and can understand the person I'm talking to...
  13. ecp

    FX tv channel does not have captions

    I've noticed that FX does not have captions for any movie they play on their channel or on demand. The law states that they must caption television. I've written the cable company but they just say that it is Fox's fault since they...
  14. ecp

    Earmold issues

    I guess I'm finally having my first earmolds issues, so I'm lucky that it took this long but... Last week my left ear developed a sore in the concha ( and my right ear developed a sore in the external auditory canal (ear canal) at the opening where...
  15. ecp

    Anybody else find HAs are sometimes bad for hearing?

    So last weekend I got married (woohoo). My husband and I had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party that was super low key at a local brewery. I accidentally left my hearing aids in the car and didn't want to run though the raid to get them so I just lip read seemed like without all the...
  16. ecp

    Something funny that happened

    The movie theaters in our area are all Regal theaters and they recently announced that they will be providing their captioned glasses for all their theaters (
  17. ecp

    Replacing the earmold tube

    I decided to actually wash my earmolds as recommended but...the tube for my left hearing aid came out and I can't for the life of me get it back in. Does anybody have any tips or tricks to get the tube back into the mold? My earmold is pretty old and much more stuff than it should be and my...
  18. ecp

    Reclaiming the term "hearing impaired"

    Many marganilized communities have sought to "reclaim" terminology that have generally been used to refer to them in a derogatory sense in order to empower themselves. Why can't we do th same with "hearing impaired". Yes, for decades it has been a somewhat derogatory term because it defines us...
  19. ecp

    Cats and cat trees/condos

    We are looking for a Christmas present for our cat. My fiancé suggested a cat tree so that she can look out the windows and be up high; however, Mac is a weird little kitty. She was a feral kitten about 5 months old when I brought her in before the first snow. She loves both of us but everything...
  20. ecp

    What sorts of tests happen before a CI?

    I am a cochlear implant candidate. I have progressive SNHL that is now profound and though I know when people are talking, I understand almost nothing. I "get by" ok when I'm at home talking to my fiancé but if there is any background noise, I'm lost. I grew up with sign language but since my...