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  1. Reba

    New "girl" in the family :)

    Thank you.
  2. Reba


    We have dash cams in both Jeeps, and a camera on the trike.
  3. Reba

    Almost totally deaf 67 yr old Nana.

  4. Reba

    Using an interpreter

    A professional interpreter has no place to look down on any client's language abilities. The terp should adjust to your abilities as much as possible. Just be honest and up front about your limitations at the time of making the interpreting appointment, and when first meeting the interpreter...
  5. Reba

    One for the resident cat ladies ...

    One of my favorite kitties I had was a full black Oriental short-hair named Ninja. :)
  6. Reba

    Using an interpreter

    Yes, you absolutely can and should. For example, if you want to do your own voicing. Whether or not you prefer simultaneous silent speech with signing (SIMCOM), or no lip movement. Slower signing option, more ASL or more English--whatever you want. Let the terp know--they aren't mind readers...
  7. Reba

    Using an interpreter

    Important links:
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    Using an interpreter

    As a consumer, you need to keep the interpreters informed of your needs. Let the interpreter know that you need to have medical terms explained, and also have that conveyed to the hearing medical staff. There's nothing wrong with asking for explanation of medical terms. Hearing people do that...
  9. Reba

    Using an interpreter

    Deaf ministries are varied and not consistent. They can range from full service (Deaf pastor, teachers, members with separate meeting area) to using professional interpreters who only interpret services, nothing else, to volunteer church members who interpret and minister to the Deaf. You have...
  10. Reba

    Using an interpreter

    Does your therapist have a lot of experience with Deaf clients?
  11. Reba

    What did you learn today? Part II

    I learned the name of my grandson's new kitty. It was a rescue kitty transferred from a flood-zone shelter in NC. Grandson named the little boy Clawed (as in Claude) Monet. :lol:
  12. Reba

    Addiction is not a funy at all

    Depression can also be a side effect of medications.
  13. Reba

    hi i need help glossing my song for my ASL class

    First step is in analyzing the meaning of the song, as a whole, not word-for-sign.
  14. Reba

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Chocolate cottage . . . mmm
  15. Reba

    hi i need help glossing my song for my ASL class

    For what reason are you translating this song? That is, school assignment, personal use, public performance--it makes a difference. How much of it have you done? Can you post what you have done with it so far?
  16. Reba

    Hurricane Florence

    Some poor people in SC live in rural areas without public or private transportation, and no internet service. They don't get the daily newspaper, and they take the train to the hospital several towns away. Many of the roads are dirt. Not many public services. Their houses aren't much more than...
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    For those persons and places with whom you communicate on a regular basis, see if they offer contact preferences. If they accept text messages or emails as regular contact modes you can opt for those rather than telephoning. Many businesses do that for their hearing and deaf clients/customers...
  18. Reba

    Hello! Possible Translation?

    I'm not a gamer but I thought WoW was World of Warcraft?
  19. Reba

    Voicing for yourself

    Go to the gym. You may need a program customized for your needs but it can be done. I'm 67 years old, with Parkinson's Disease, and I go to the gym four times a week for Rock Steady Boxing workouts. It's a challenge but well worth it, to me.
  20. Reba

    Hurricane Florence

    Our Charleston/Lowcountry area got just a little rain and wind; nothing serious. Flooding in the Upstate area, around Conway, was/is bad. A lot of those people are poor and rural, without many resources. :(