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  1. napolicapitale

    "Join date, Location, Status"

    I don't know if this has been asked before. I noticed there is a HUGE percentage of hearing members on this forum, and there's in many posts a perpetuous asking about one's hearing status; many chose to clarify about them being Deaf/HoH/Hearing in their signature. I was asking myself, why is...
  2. napolicapitale

    Subtitles & captions

    I wonder, how do your countries do as for captions? Are they common enough? Are they accurate and punctual? When traveling to London, I was surprised to discover that even TV commercials were captioned! Here in Italy you don't see subtitled advertisements.
  3. napolicapitale

    Deafness and nightdreaming

    Are you deaf in your dreams? I am. I often have nightmares where there are no gruesome monsters nor aliens trying to kidnap me but people speaking to me and I can't understand them, or people ignoring me. And lemme tell ya: these dreams do seem sooo real! :aw:
  4. napolicapitale


    Ciao a tutti, I'm from Italy and have landed here because I'm curious to "hear:cool:" from people from all around the world! Situation here in Italy is quite poor for us deaf, I hope you have good news for me from your places :rofl: