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    Home Health Care refuses to provide interpreter

    I was hospitalized in December for an acutely ruptured disk and had emergency surgery. I was discharged after 2 weeks, and the doctors ordered a home health aide and home PT and OT. They faxed a referral to the provider in my insurance network. When I called the next day to set up services...
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    For Late Deafened with CI--Tinnitus???

    For those who are late deafened and have a CI, I am curious about your experience with tinnitus. Did you have tinnitus before implant? If so, is it better, worse, or about the same after implant? If better, is it always better or only when you are using your CI? I have been deemed a...
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    Senate Passes S.3304 Unanimously

    Senate Passes S. 3304 by Unanimous Consent! | National Association of the Deaf The U.S. Senate passed the Twenty-first Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 (S. 3304) on August 5, 2010, by unanimous consent! Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of advocates across the...
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    DOJ posts new definition of service animal

    Service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. Other species of animals, whether wild or domestic, trained or...
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    Video Remote Interpreting

    Hi, AllDeaf friends, If you are willing to do a survey for an interpreter friend of mine regarding your experiences with VRI in hospitals or medical settings please click here: Video Relay Interpreting for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Clients in Hospital/Medical Settings I have had lousy...
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    The Naida saga continues...

    I have had my Naidas for just over a year. Twice the left one has gone "dead" when it is touched or tapped, requiring me to open and close the battery cover to get it to turn on. Phonak tried once to fix it, then replaced it last Spring. Well, now my right one is doing the same thing. Saw my...
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    Interpreters/agencies near Scottsdale AZ

    I will be attending a medical conference in Scottsdale Arizona next month. It will involve a lot of technical, complex medical terminology, given by physicians for physicians. Is anyone familiar with agencies in that area who can provide that level of expertise? I'm worried the organizers...
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    Michael Jackson's Death is ruled Homicide

    Coroner says Michael Jackson died from lethal dose of propofol - Yahoo! News
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    For Late-Deafened: sounds you miss the most?

    For those who have lost their hearing later in life, what sounds do you miss? For me, it is -a child's laughter -rain -classical music -birdsong
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    What's for dinner?

    So what's on the menu for dinner tonight? Have a great recipe you want to share? Tonight's boring, chili and salad for me.
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    Phonak Naida UP

    I've been using Naidas since last summer, and started having problems with each one in the past two months. Both have "cut out" at random, shutting themselves off. They turn on again when you open and close the battery door, but then if you touch them, or sometimes out of the blue, they stop...
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    Sign for Massachusetts

    Question for the Bostonians or other New Englanders among us. I lived in Mass. about 25 years ago, and remember the locals used a name sign for the state. It was made as follows: left hand held straight up, plam facing right. Right hand begins as a "C" touching the left hand, then moves...
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    Residual Hearing after CI

    I've read the literature on preservation of residual hearing after CI, but I'm curious to know the ADers' experiences. Did you lose your residual hearing after CI, maintain it at it's pre-surgery level, or something in between? :hmm: I hope this isn't a redundant post--I tried looking back...
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    Sonic Alert Receiver NEEDED: will trade NEW signaler

    I have a Sonic Alert TR 75 Deluxe Telephone signaler, brand new in the box. Works great for VP too. What I really need is a receiver such as the SA201 or the blink (sonic alert strobe). Anyone have one to trade? I also have a Sonic Alert Jr SA 50 which signals a phone but doesn't transmit...
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    Goofs and gaffes by newly deaf?

    I am newly deafened, having gone from mild to severe hearing loss literally overnight. Over the ensuing months, my hearing has deteriorated and I am now profoundly deaf. I have made some funny and some scary goofs since becoming deaf. Some examples are *leaving the water running in the...
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    Colored earmolds, anyone?

    I see lots of kids with colored earmolds, and I wonder how many adults have colored earmolds? What color(s)? I just switched to soft earmolds (blue/white stripe), and I'm curious how often you have to replace them? My hard acrylic ones were almost 10 years old! Thanks!
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    re-visiting Naida V UP: a newbie

    Hi, All, I'm new to AllDeaf and was recently fit with Naida V UP aids. I had a mild/moderate hearing loss for years, but woke up suddenly about 5 mos ago with a severe/profound hearing loss. It has continued to progress and now I have 100-110 dB low freq, NR high. I previously used ReSound...