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    Any interesting/ed of video-games & any game consoles

    :hmm: I'm wondering what ya'll likes video games and game consoles. Cpu, Xbox 360, ps2, ps3, wii, REAL, and etc...:D I loves to play video games on computer (& online) and ps2. I likes Wii and PS3. I am thinking about to buy one later. I'm going get Wii because Wii kind of general ages and...
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    VERY DISRESPECTFUL Deaf people's Needs (bit general)

    :hmm:I'm not very apperciates. Youtube seems disrespectful for deaf people's needs. I was surfing youtube website. I'm curious about deaf communities. All the suddenly I noticed subjects appear on the screen "fun with ip-relay" and "prank call on ip-relay. It really pissed me off and not...
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    Deaf people can't truck driving job?!

    I works at Fed Ex. One of my good friend who he is hearing, he knows sign language. I asked him about Delivery, he explains what to do so. I talked to delivery manager who handle delivery/driver. I asked him "can I be delivery someday?" "He said OH YEA! why not?" I went and talk to my...
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    I'm New here since yesterday.

    HEY YA'll!:D I'm kind of new, OFC ROOKIE! I want to say HOLLAR YA'LL! Neat website ""! I would likes to learn something new on and knowledge. sometime I could be behind or didn't know. Also I likes to read the news, events, and etc... Also I'm learning and figuring...
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    JEEZ @ Hearing People & Customer Services!

    :aw:Every times, Friends and I went any where. Every times We request for pen and paper. :pissed:EVERY PAIN AZZ TIMES! Hearing people doesn't understand what we ask for!?! OMG! :mad: I told them we're DEAF!:deaf: So I uses my native communication such as pen (moving hand with grip) paper...