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  1. Ericka

    NEPA (North Eastern Pennsylvania)

    Hi, I'm new to the area and wanted to find any local get togethers or community events happening in the area. I am really trying to get involved more with the D/deaf/HOH community. I'm HOH and working to improve my asl
  2. Ericka

    Work Mistakes

    So i work in a pizzeria on the weekend. I missed half of an order last night. I heard a chicken bacon ranch hoagie with bbq sauce. I bring him the order and he tells me he is missing the other sandwich. I recheck the ticket and find only the 1 sandwich. After i speak with him it turns out he...
  3. Ericka

    Term used for hearing children of hoh parent

    I know what the term CODA means. However what is the term for kids of HOH or even late deafened adults?
  4. Ericka

    Things sound tin-like with a echo

    Hi A.D., Is this something anyone else has experienced? Sometimes when i'm listening around people talking and sometimes there is music playing other times not my aided side sound very tin-like and sharp. Things start to become hard to understand at all and it all sounds like dial up modem...
  5. Ericka

    Speeding up in a new space

    Hi all, So i just did a big move from NJ to PA Scranton/ Carbondale area. As we came in my hearing went wonky i assumed it was an altitude thing since i was now in the mountains and once my ears popped it would be fine. Only after the popping happened but no relief from the clogged feeling. The...
  6. Ericka

    First hearing aid

    Today i picked up my first evver hearing aid. Its an Oticon Nera2 pro. It is alot to get used to. I didn't think that i would have too i thought mild hearing loss means no big deal terms in listening for the most part. I was wrong. I didn't think it was that small(i lose stuff and my kiddo goes...
  7. Ericka

    Identity in the d/deaf hoh world

    I've know for a while my hearing wasn't "right"(lack of a better word atm) finally went to an ENT and Audi and i have loss in both ears but the right ear is still ( by a sliver) in the normal range and the left is mild almost mild to moderate, with confirmed menieres and reverse slope hearing...
  8. Ericka

    New and trying to find my place

    Hello, I had a hearing test recently as part of confirming or denying a diagnosis of meniere's disease and i was told i have a mild low frequency hearing loss in my left ear and within normal range on my right although its almost at the same levels as my left ear. I don't know what that means...