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    What are Job Opportunities for Deaf

    I I know this is an old post, but is your hoh doctor still practicing medicine? Thanks
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    Deaf Unemployment Rate @ 72.5%...!!!

    Very well said. You are a rare group that asks the question, “what can I do for myself?” Rather than, “what can they do for me?” ADA laws help, and accommodations do help, but at the end of the day, the person responsible to get what is needed to successfully communicate; is “you” !
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    What do you do for living?

    Engineer for manufacturing in North America plants. Any deaf mechanical/chemical engineers out there? Thanks
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    who are deaf programmers or deaf students in programming ?

    Any deaf chemical engineers? Or deaf engineers in general?
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    Does anyone use Ring security and link wifi lights for notifications?

    I know that this is an old thread, but we have the NEST door bell and nest smoke detectors. I am deaf myself, but the NEST does an “okay” job with its notifications on the doorbell, and smoke detectors being sent to iPhone/Apple Watch. When I sleep at night, the watch stays on me for wake up...
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    I new here

    Welcome Jeff, I just joined online I am as gamer for the Halo 5 online as well! would love to team up with you online, always need a “gunner” for my warthog! I am in USA, Texas state. Welcome! Hope to hear from you soon!