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    sometimes i look around and i miss :spam: ... sometimes. sometimes i look around and i miss people long gone Mods, delete my name-- pointless those days.
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    For UK/NZ/AUS sport fans

    for those who are from New Zealand, Australia, and England, how the heck do you play cricket? Gimme descriptions. :D
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    is it just me or the quality of the threads on AD gone on summer vacation along with like 93% of the members, or what?
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    Technological Advances for AD

    To enchance the AllDeaf Experince: 1. Enter home, office or dorm room, preferably via door or window. Use of key may be required. 2. Locate switch for overhead light or desk lamp. 3. Using switch, turn on overhead light or desk lamp. Note: If it is currently daytime and no artificial...
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    Questions for the sole survivor of Wickedeyed

    yeah, yeah, i bit the bait- ask away
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    you damn kid

    for satire and things like that some strips are good, some are ok, some are horrible. sometimes you just hit some gems.
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    i know i aint new but thought i'd stop by and meep....
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    Emergency Storages Available

    RIT Summer Emergency Storages Available For those from RIT, i know its a last minute thing, but I am now currently letting anyone who is in dire need of storage for the summer to put their things in my house for merely 35 bucks a month-- hey, most storages costs 90 a month-- and you will have...