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  1. Radcliff

    Mainstream schools

    What are the positives of mainstream schools?
  2. Radcliff

    Gallaudet University

    Hi! Okay, I am a college Freshman with a 3.75 GPA and I am thinking of applying to transfer to Gallaudet. I am HOH (if anyone really wanted to know) and I would really like to speak to some people about their experiences. I am oral, and I have a limited understanding of ASL. I can form small...
  3. Radcliff

    Am I weird?

    Hey, hello!! I've noticed since my hearing loss (Im HOH) I've started to talk less and less. Is that normal? I feel as if I'm super self concious about my voice and the way I form words. I had a lisp as a child and I'm told that its significantly worse. Plus I feel really awkward in...
  4. Radcliff


    Has anyone ever had the problem of the doctor not letting you see your audiogram? Everytime I asked they would always dodge it. They'd say things like "well you have your surgery coming up so I'll go over the results after" and when I opted out of surgery my doctor RETIRED. Well finally, I had...
  5. Radcliff

    ASL multimedia project

    Hello guys! It definitely has been a while since I last posted, I have been really busy. I opted out of having another surgery to attempt to rebuild my ear, but my nephew has had his surgery to receive a Cochlear Implant (he's two). He will never be able to fully hear since he only has one nerve...
  6. Radcliff


    Hey guys! I got accepted to college!!! Today is a bitter sweet day because my doctor told me that the hearing in my right ear is failing, and I found out I got accepted!! Im both excited and anxious to begin these new chapters.
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    Hey guys and gals, what is a good college? I cant hear in normal lecture halls and I am not fluent in sign language.
  8. Radcliff

    Problems at work

    So as some of you know, I am new to my hearing loss. Im a server at a resturant, so communicating with people is my job, but I often getting rude comments from my customers. Which I do not let bother me. My fellow employees seemed to be understanding, then I discovered that they were making...
  9. Radcliff

    Illinois school for the deaf?

    Hey guys! So I have a question. I have a deaf nephew who, in a couple years, will be starting school. My family is not sure if they want to home school him, send him to a public school, or move so he can go to the Illinois school for the deaf. Can you guys give me your opinions on what we should do?
  10. Radcliff

    New here!

    Hey guys and gals Im new here, and new to hearing loss. A year ago, I got a rare form of TB in my ear. I lost my hearing. When I was sick, all my friends stopped talking to me, I guess my hearing loss confused them. I joined so that maybe I can get used to the idea being of HOH. Maybe even make...