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    BAHA - Painful?

    I had a BAHA in the mid 90s when I was about 8 years old. I recall inserting/removing the aid to be very uncomfortable. The thought of it still makes me cringe even 25 years later. As a child, I remember feeling a sense of relief when the abutment literally fell out of my head less than a year...
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    Those Receiving SSI, How Much Do You Get Each Month?

    I'm not from the USA. Can someone explain what the SSI is? What is the criteria in order for Americans to be eligible for it?
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    Thinking of becoming an audiologist

    With the use of a HA, I can hear at near normal levels, at least according to the audiogram anyway. Ofc, I'm not taking into account the flaws of the HA itself which no doubt have an impact on my ability to hear in the real world. Personally, I don't know of many deaf people near me. Though...
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    Government trying to block cell phones in cars

    Yes I understand that but in time, I believe that this will become a standard safety feature. This is often how technology is seen. For example, 10 years ago only the top-end cars typically had traction control as standard. (Though, I believe statistics may differ in North America) Today, most...
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    Does CI make Deaf hearing?

    Well I always used to argue that I'm not deaf because I do have usable hearing. When amplified, much of my hearing is brought up to near normal levels. However, the dictionary definition for deaf is: Therefore, one would have justification to say that I'm deaf. Though, if someone wore...
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    Thinking of becoming an audiologist

    To be honest I just want to be in a job where I can be of assistance to others. Given that I'm HoH myself, I find that I can relate to many who face similar issues. Though it has to be said, this forum has done a lot to enhance my understanding, especially with regards to conditions that I'm...
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    I'm a hearing lesbian and I wanna try something new

    Btw we don't like being called special.
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    Government trying to block cell phones in cars

    Good question and after a little thought, I know of an answer. I don't know why I didn't think of it before, because it would have applied to my last post too. From a software engineering point of view, it would be possible for a system to automatically disable any cellular blocking technology...
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    Thinking of becoming an audiologist

    The problem isn't the Audiologist, but the education system. Any language will take a very long time to learn. Plus you will need to use it on a daily basis if you want to retain the knowledge. If ASL/BSL was taught from an early age, then it's likely that people will have a much better chance...
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    Government trying to block cell phones in cars

    This is an interesting one. I guess I'm undecided on this one. Personally, I have found myself distracted by other people's phones on more than one occasion. Sure, a driver should be able to cope with distractions in general. However, when you hear loud strange noises, it's kinda hard to keep...
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    Thinking of becoming an audiologist

    Pretty much non-existent. Tbh though, I don't think ASL would help much because here, we use BSL. :P
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    Does CI make Deaf hearing?

    So what am I in your humble opinion? Audiogram:
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    How to improve my English?

    I usually hate to generalise. However, from my experience, English teachers can often be very old fashioned. Many are highly pro-books and do not have much faith or support for more modern technologies associated with reading & writing. While books are great way to learn, you can also learn by...
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    Thinking of becoming an audiologist

    I'm thinking about becoming an audiologist and changing my degree programme next year. Only problem is that my qualifications for university admission are IT related and not directly science related! Do you think my experience with deafness & HA's will be of much help? Both for admission and...
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    Breaking News:

    Hopefully this will do the trick!
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    why did girl dump guy at college?

    I've heard about this before. I think it's appalling to hear about females who took a dump on their guy just because they were unable to make it to the restrooms!
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    any deafies from school for the deaf to ivy league schools?

    He's Autistic. He may not be able to understand the concept of humour and may take what you say literally. Still, I often struggle not to take offence by some of the things he says, and I'm a pretty laid back kind of guy! Imo there's little point in trying to understand his logic behind his...
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    why did girl dump guy at college?

    Donald Trump With Ali G on Vimeo
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    Hearing aid possession

    Hearing aids never seem to last that long before developing some kind of fault, at least not for me. For instance, I have to activate the switch mechanism several times on my Reflex L HA before it will actually turn on. Typically, I get mine replaced yearly. Though, my audiologist isn't so keen...
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    Those who decide not to get a CI

    Except become soldiers, airline pilots, DJs, firemen, police officers, security guards, telemarketers, air traffic controllers amongst many other professions.