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  1. violet

    Baby scared when mom blows her nose

    a baby scared when mother blows her nose Enjoy
  2. violet

    A flip book

    YouTube - Parkour Motion Reel. Cool huh?
  3. violet

    Sign Deny

    How do you sign DENY? I'm pretty sure I learned this sign..or maybe I learned alternatives to this sign; I would really like to know how to sign it.. I looked it up on signing savvy but I wasn't happy with the outcome.. How do you guys sign it!? Thanks loves :)
  4. violet

    He's awesome!

    So my friend Renny Harvard's brother Russell Harvard came to a show hosted by my school here in austin and he is an amazing performer... i wanted to show you... YouTube - Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling - ASL Song
  5. violet

    And the Nominees for Mr and Ms Alldeaf are..

    What you've all been waiting for.. I counted up the names the popped up the most, and those are who you get to choose from.. Please, if you're name isn't on here.. Don't feel bad this was a "just for fun" idea. And you also have the option to choose "other" if you aren't happy with any...
  6. violet

    Mr and Ms AllDeaf

    So out of pure boredom I decide to make a thread to see who you would nominate for MR and MRS AD :) I would make this a poll... But I won't do it now for there's too many people to choose from So until I have a good number of nominations.. for say 5 people..i will make it a poll and...
  7. violet

    Deaf Criminal Justice

    I didn't really know which to post this thread on.. so I thought this would be the best place. ( if not Mods you know what to do ;) ) Anyway... I'm curious to know your opinion on.. Should deaf criminals get the same punishment for a crime.. as would a hearing person? I've talked about this...
  8. violet

    KFC run by Deaf in Egypt

    YouTube - Cairo Egypt Deaf KFC I thought this video was pretty interesting!
  9. violet

    Deaf signer learning ASL

    It occurred to me to ask you guys this question because I've been learning so much about grammar mouthings and the ASL language structure that I wanted your input on it I wanted to know when a Deaf signer is learning ASL or BSL so on and so forth.. are they also taught all of the grammar and...
  10. violet

    I recently started a blog spot blog thing... But i don't have any "friends" So just wondering if any of you guys have one if so add me up! if you dont have one you should start one so we can be friends... :) Violet's rambles.. :D:giggle: :D
  11. violet

    Deaf thoughts

    I dont know if someone has thought of this before but...we were discussing this as a group after asl class one day and we even asked my asl teacher (who is deaf) and she didnt know the answer Okay so as hearing people...sometimes when we're thinking we "HEAR" a little voice in our...
  12. violet

    I dont know if i should change majors..

    I never thought i'd say this..but now im so iffy about being an interpreter Let me explain I took ASL 1-4 in high school and because i was stupid and didnt explain to my college adviser that i had done this I HAVE TO start over again I took ASL1 and now today was my first day of ASL 2... and...
  13. violet

    MY dog being silly

    I75itGVVPdE made me laugh!!!!!!!!!! Hehe theres more on my xanga at Xanga - Signin Lock you have to be xanga memeber to see so sorry! HOpe it makes you guys laugh also!
  14. violet

    COMPARE you to your significant other

    okay so im wondering if im the only one who goes through this.... My boyfriend is said to not look like my type so im wondering if its the same with any of you.. like your friends say o hes too ugly for you or man how did he score you how did you score her.. whatever Because i always...
  15. violet

    Ask AVWDNG29 anything...and i mean anything :)

    ask me anything... and i will try to answer it the best i can :D (haha sorry i had to it..everyone else is doing it :P)
  16. violet

    5 items you cant live without

    name five things you cant live without (btw this doesnt include ppl) :P Mine would be 1) hair straightener ( my hair is a mess without it) 2)cellphone 3) laptoppy :) 4)internet 5) toilet/shower
  17. violet

    Whats in your purse!?

    This is for girls actually but if boys want to participate then sure So ladies.gentlemen :P.... whats in your purse?
  18. violet

    Everything is bigger in texas :)

    this is mine and poweron's idea so we saw that one of the newbies on all deaf is from texas.. and we (both poweron and i currently live in texas also) and we saw that a lot of of people are from tx we wanna see just how many of you live in texas..born in texas...LIVED..whatever...
  19. violet

    To pay or not to pay

    I dunno if this is the right area to post this on... but here i go Mods can move it if im in the wrong place :-) okie so.... recently i met a deaf man who was really panicky because he had a problem with his door and long story... but since he was deaf no one really understood him and i...
  20. violet

    Question- mouthing

    Which of you..prefer mouthing to no mouthing while signing... Like as in moving your lips while signing.. Is it really part of grammar!? i ask because my current teacher says its some part of grammar but i dont understand she mouths allllllll the time (but we're not allowed to) the 4 yrs...