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  1. Angel1989

    Protest in Dublin over water.... Happens to be where my daughter works. The company has to go on lock down and employees are told to not wear their work badges in public. She also lives on the same street where the...
  2. Angel1989

    How cold before you turn on heat?

    We haven't turned on our heater yet. This morning the house was 56 degrees. I love it, husband is freezing. Just curious, how cold will you let your house get before turning on the heat? Our heater will be turned on tomorrow, temps are dropping.
  3. Angel1989

    Best things to say to a cancer patient?

    Sadly, we have two close family members who have been diagnosed with cancer recently. Both are in the fight of their life. One with breast cancer the other with blood cancer. Both are at stage 3, undergoing radiation and chemo with more surgeries to come. When sending a card, flowers or...
  4. Angel1989

    Do you use something like this? HELP The above product with the bed shaker option. Hi guys, I need something ASAP to help me to hear/feel my cell phone at night when not wearing my CI's. My family is going through some medical emergencies recently...
  5. Angel1989

    Opinion on my kitchen remodel

    We are going to refinish our kitchen cabinets. We have a large kitchen with worn oak cabinets. I want to have them redone in white with black handles. Hubby is so against covering "real" wood. We have already done the counter tops in black granite and have new appliances that are chrome...
  6. Angel1989


    Hope your day is extra special. Happy to hear we share the same special day.
  7. Angel1989

    Which AD members have you met?

    There are so many of you I would love to meet. So far, I have only had the chance to meet up with Mark (ChicagoBlue2) on a family trip to Chicago last year. Tomorrow I am meeting my second AD member. Who have you met? Who would you like to meet?
  8. Angel1989

    Do you eat a special meal on St. Patricks Day?

    100% Irish here, usually have corn beef and cabbage. No one is cooking this year though. Not even wearing green right now. Sad!!!
  9. Angel1989

    Best hearing loop for watching tv?

    I'm struggling to hear the tv and was told a hearing loop would help a great deal. I looked at a company called TecEar and found a few products that might help. They have a **chair loop**room loop** or neck loop. I always watch tv from my recliner. If anyone has one or tried one, which...
  10. Angel1989

    SUMMER 2015..any exciting plans?

    Summer always goes by so fast. We have three weddings to go to. One near home, one in Virginia the last one in Chicago. So weddings in May, July & August. The weddings in Virginia and Chicago are both from my husbands side of the family. I love them, but no one can ever be on time. Drives...
  11. Angel1989

    Special moments with Mark

    Calvin approved this......I think a lot of us need a place to share our thoughts about Mark. Please post positive memories, messages, pictures here. The other thread regarding the fire will be updated with information when it is made available.
  12. Angel1989


    Body found inside West Rogers Park home day after fire Firefighters battled a blaze in the 1900 block of West Devon Avenue early Sunday morning. (Quinn Ford / Chicago Tribune) A man was found dead inside a building that burned early Sunday in Chicago's West Rogers Park neighborhood that...
  13. Angel1989

    Thanksgiving Receipes

    I'm cooking this year. Haven't had Thanksgiving at my house in ten years or more. All of my guests are vegetarians, only my husband and I will eat the bird. So, if anyone has any good receipes they would like to share, please do..... What are your favorite dishes?
  14. Angel1989

    Baseball....2014 Playoffs

    Are you watching? I'm a Giant's fan and luckily they are playing well. I know Mark likes S.L. Cardinals and Shel likes Baltimore. Anyone else have a favorite team?
  15. Angel1989

    News from RR

    Hey everyone, I just received a message from RR. She is doing well but sounds likes her recovery is going slow. She won't be home until Oct. 10th. She wanted me to say "hi" to all of you. Definitely sending positive thoughts her way. Her humor is missed here.
  16. Angel1989

    Calling 911....

    On the way home from my moms today, I was driving on the freeway. The speed limit is 65mph but this car in front of me was doing 43mph. It kept swerving onto the shoulder then over correct into the next lane. So I tried to call 911 but it didn't go very well. I dialed..told operator that I...
  17. Angel1989 you have it?

    My son and his girlfriend gave me Chromecast for my birthday. I never knew this product existed. It looks like it is going to be amazing and the subtitles will make movie watching so much better. Do you have one, if so do you have any recommendations or possible different ways to use it...
  18. Angel1989

    Brake Pad Dust.......

    OK....I need some help. As most of you know I just purchased a 2014 Nissan Maxima. Today we were out most of the day and I noticed all down the side of my Pearl White new car is break dust. It went past the driver door to the passenger door. It wipes off very easily but I don't want to have...
  19. Angel1989

    GPS recommendations???

    So we just bought a new car. The fully loaded model has a nice GPS in the dash and a backup camera. That is really the only things my car was missing. So we are going to have those installed and would like to know if any of you have done this and which model GPS you like or dislike. The...
  20. Angel1989

    World Cup...Are you watching?

    I know USA is out but it is still exciting. Germany destroyed Brazil 7-1 today.