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  1. Smartiesgeek

    I'm back..

    Im sorry, if I havent came back since august.. since I was sooo busy with school.. and I was that CLOSE to forgot about this site. I was like, whats all and whats another.. til I saw another day of this site.. I was delighted after i found the site back. So, forgive me, girls and guys. I'm...
  2. Smartiesgeek

    cochlear implants.

    no bashing. just tell us about how do you feel about this thingy and blahy... and your viewpoints. I am not DEFININTELY supporting THE IDEA of cochlear implant. but I do welcome every person who can speak and singing. I do welcome every person who has cochlear implants. I do...
  3. Smartiesgeek

    swimming pool..

    Who have a swimming pool and post it. I have a swimming pool. I was just swam in my swimming pool, today! About time. compared to last year, I got in the swimming pool when it was may. Last year was hotter? I am goin to go outside and take a sunbathing, so see ya later.
  4. Smartiesgeek

    10 reasons why it sucks to be a penis!

    01. -You've got a hole in your head. 02. -Your master strangles you all the time. 03. -Your head is smaller than the rest of you 04. -You shrink in cold water. 05. -You never get a haircut. 06. -You always hang around with 2 nuts. 07. -Your closest neighbor is an asshole. 08. -Your...
  5. Smartiesgeek

    attn: silencegold, a riddle for you

    What is broken when you name it? P.S. I knew the answer.
  6. Smartiesgeek

    Jokes wanna hear?

    Why is the ocean being so friendly to you? Do you all see blue house is on right and yellow house is on left and where is white house?
  7. Smartiesgeek

    Real world or Road rules?

    Which do you like road rules or real world? and explian why?
  8. Smartiesgeek

    Post a picture of your favorite actor and actress

    This is my favorite actress. Neve campbell. She is the most sexiest that ever alive! I love her work, she acted in wild thing, scream 1, scream 2, scream 3, and party of five on the tv. She is a canadian. She's very cool. I love her. She rocks!
  9. Smartiesgeek

    Have you being on the stage for a play?

    I already being on the stage long time ago. Even, I got the award that I am the best director. *whoo* It was me, in the end of left side. I was a doctor who was being so bitch and invent a cure for deaf to become to be a hearing. It was "The Cure: Final Solution?" of that...
  10. Smartiesgeek

    What is your favorite candy? post a pic of it.

    This is smarties, which it is my favorite candy. I love it so much with all my heart. I would eat it everyday, I'm telling ya. yummy! I would buy and bring it to my school and giving it to anyboy. I am so sweet, nice, and eating smarties. I always said, do you want this candy? since it...
  11. Smartiesgeek

    Pictures of yourself that you was scbua diving before

    you all see me... in purple suit... and trying to communicate with the teacher.
  12. Smartiesgeek

    if you want to see my poems.

    who would want to see my poems? if you want, then GO TO creative writing... find them all. :-D
  13. Smartiesgeek

    A short paragraph about love.

    Evaluation Love and hate I am comparing the love and hate in this essay. In love definition is a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties. In love another definition is to feel a lover's passion, devotion, or tenderness for. In hate definition is extreme...
  14. Smartiesgeek

    An essay about love.

    Description I’m describing how I feel when I’m in love. It is a wonderful feeling you should experience it. It is a crazy feeling if you are in love. Love is a beautiful, but tricky. Love is a something that you would taste it in your life. Love isn’t expensive to get one in your life. I...
  15. Smartiesgeek

    A friend, another part.

    A friend A friend supposed to be there for you, A friend supposed to be supportive, A friend supposed to keep your secrets, A friend supposed to trust you, A friend supposed to comfort you, In addition, a friend is counting on you for being to be a friend.
  16. Smartiesgeek

    A friend.

    A friend A friend who is Your friend. A relationship… To help each others, To comfortable each others, To understanding to each others, To telling secrets to each others, To care about each others, And to have a friend is a such wonderful relationship.
  17. Smartiesgeek

    A kiss, other part.

    A kiss A kiss A kiss can be blowing my mind. A kiss can be really soft A kiss can be making my heart pounding. A kiss can be unstopping A kiss can be very special from you. A kiss can be very amazing from you.
  18. Smartiesgeek

    A kiss

    A kiss A kiss That you can’t resist. A kiss That you love. A kiss That is so soft. A kiss That is so great to share those kisses.
  19. Smartiesgeek

    An emotion.

    An emotion An emotion An emotion is to express it out An emotion is to show An emotion is to share An emotion is to prove An emotion is to inform people what you feel An emotion is a great emotion to share the emotional.
  20. Smartiesgeek

    Hard time.

    Hard time I don’t go through Hard time. Why did you give me Hard time To go through! I’m suffering this Terribly painful… In my heart, In my mind, And in my soul. I don’t deserve them, Fuck you, I don’t Deserve them… I don’t know where I am now… All I see...