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  1. podiecat

    I'm wishing for the following resource...

    Does anyone know of any books/sites/learning tools that offer a way of looking up an actual sign seen in a Deaf video or ASL conversation to discover the meaning? I know, it does seem very far-fetched. I sure could use something like that though! Maybe if there was a dictionary that grouped...
  2. podiecat

    All important... Classifiers

    Classifiers in American Sign Language
  3. podiecat

    Strong endorsement from Purple for 'Switched' episode tonight

    I just received the following bulk email from Purple mail and Purple VRS.
  4. podiecat

    I am loving this book...

    'In This Sign' From new sweethearts in the 1930s, up through decades of family, community, historical, and more. Deaf parents, hearing kids. In This Sign: The Highly Acclaimed Novel of a Family Whose Love and Courage Enable Them to Survive in the Silent World of the Deaf (Owl Books): Joanne...
  5. podiecat

    ISY....Free Android app detects sound.

    I was searching for a different app when I came upon ISY. This is beyond cool! Check out Google Play Store. I really did not think it would be worthwhile but my curiosity made me try it. I had just downloaded it and a truck drove by on our rural road which I did not hear until I saw these...
  6. podiecat

    Nintendo games for kids learning ASL?

    My Granddaughter is 11 and we have always been very close. She is the only one of my extended family who has had any interest at all in signing. In the past, when she would not look at my face while talking, spoke too fast and not loud and clear enough, I would have her wear my industrial...
  7. podiecat

    Just saw a very different sign for color 'brown'

    I'm used to the b-handshape drawn down the side of face once (palm forward), sort of like sign for beer. I just saw an initialized R-shape that shakes like other color signs in front of chest. Anyone familiar with that?
  8. podiecat

    Survey about captioned telephone use

    An online survey is being conducted by the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Telecommunications Access at Gallaudet University to learn about the experiences of adults who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have hearing loss, and who use Captioned Telephone Services. The goal of the...
  9. podiecat

    Different country sign language for Valentine's Day.

    <iframe src="" width="1280" height="720" frameborder="0"></iframe> Can anyone make this appear properly on here?
  10. podiecat

    ASL with problem hands and fingers

    How many of you have very arthritic fingers or other issues like Dupuytren's contracture? My fingers fight me with fingerspelling, even slow, and some hand shapes like 'W' and now 'R' are impossible to do properly. How accepting are you native signers? I would think many older Deaf have the...
  11. podiecat

    For Service Dog users

    I was about to post this in the pet category but decided not to, service dogs are not just pets and there maybe some members here who are seriously looking for hearing/service dog info and support. PDPM also has an excellent closed Facebook group that has been a wonderful resource for me...
  12. podiecat

    ASL and which side of brain?

    Do you think signing uses a different hemisphere of the brain than spoken languages?
  13. podiecat

    Skype ASL practice with other baby boomers

    Hi, I'm older and HOH, and have been trying to learn ASL longer than my signing shows. Certainly I lack confidence but I'm trying to join in, make connections and improve my signing. Rather than feel even more out of my league with the hip,young signers in the google+ group, I would like...
  14. podiecat

    Android app to caption remote access of home answering machine???

    Is this too much to ask for? I have an answering machine for my CaptionCall phone to caption the messages. I did not get Fairpoint voicemail because that company has been beyond frustrating to deal with. With the new answering machine I can dial a number, hopefully with text plus, and get my...
  15. podiecat

    Which way do you sign numbers 21 through 29?

    I have seen people sign the 20s numbers in several different ways. Do you sign them, other than 21, 23, 25, using L handshape or V?
  16. podiecat

    One Benefit of hearing loss

    I was visiting with a friend the other evening in Barnes and Noble cafe. I have severe hearing loss and can not use HA due to some complicated issues. I must watch faces to have any chance of understanding well enough to have a conversation. All of a sudden she says, "Don't you hear that...
  17. podiecat

    Captel 840i Updated thoughts from users???

    Hi, I am thinking about trying this phone. I rarely talk on the phone anymore and when I do I use an old rotary phone with great little add-on amp. I really need a captioned answering machine though (assuming it's accurately transcribed). I just tried an expensive answering machine that...
  18. podiecat

    Ear sensations? any weird, bothersome feelings in there?

    This is driving me crazy! I feel like there is a stick deep inside my ear canal. Sometimes it feels like a little liquid in there trickling. I do not use HAs. No longer go to audiologist. Doctor finds nothing. Anyone else?
  19. podiecat

    Different signs for same word depending on Deaf/English/location

    I am quite HOH and have been trying so hard to learn ASL for several years now. I go through phases of feeling like I'm making progress and then overwhelmed with feeling like I will never be able to improve my real-life signing and understanding. I have not done well with actual classes...
  20. podiecat

    Older HOH in Vermont

    Hi, I am a woman, about 60, quite hard of hearing and can't use hearing aids. My sweet service dog and I have no trouble communicating with each other but communicating with most people is almost always a struggle these days. It's exhausting! I'm determined to continue learning and...