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  1. firestorm31

    foam ear molds

    does anyone have a good website that sells foam ear molds?
  2. firestorm31

    If there were a cure for hearing loss would you take it

    the cure wouldn't come in pill form anyways... question in post #1 needs to be phrased better. read that there was some ground breaking work on repairing the ear canal with new hair which would allow people to hear. this involves operating on your ear! that said... i would like to hear but...
  3. firestorm31

    hearing aid 675 recommendations

    i'm deaf in both ears. i have tinnitus in my right ear, so i don't wear one on that ear. as for the test. i don't know. i need to have a super power hearing aid. Sumo, the current hearing aid i'm wearing, was one of the most powerful model on the market i think prolly 10 years ago.
  4. firestorm31

    head set reccomendation

    i'm looking to see about getting a head set/mic? any good ones that I can wear without the hearing aid? do i need an amplifier for those things?
  5. firestorm31

    hearing aid 675 recommendations

    hello i'm looking to have my current Oticon Sumo XP replaced. it uses 675 battery. its time to get 2 new ones. I only wear one on my left ear. anyone have any good recommendations.
  6. firestorm31

    I am looking for a girlfriend to get married

    most of them are ripoffs. you might want to try your luck with seeking arrangement or whats your price.