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    Cochlear Implants in noisy bars and nightclubs

    I’ve got an AB processor with the blue tooth and roger remote microphone. In some situ it does help but not for long conversations. The newest AB Marvel processor has built in BT. The other cool thing about this system is that if you are unilateral with a hearing aid in the other ear if you get...
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    CI sound quality

    Just adding since we are in the midst of COVID that at least one company is finalizing testing of remote mapping. Something you may want to discuss with your doctor. Some of us don’t have the trained audiologists near by. Here on the Big Island it requires a flight which in many cases comes out...
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    How do i explain i don't want my hearing aids?

    I have Ménière’s disease which for me causes distorted hearing. Pure amplification doesn’t help. The best descriptor I’ve found are “everyone sounds like Charlie Browns teacher” or “it’s like trying to listen to someone three doors down”. Yeah the amplification level may be kinda ok but it’s...
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    Length of Captions for Instrumental Music

    Have the three dots increment during long pieces. Similar to what a software install does. Else the person may think that the cc failed.
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    Deaf Culture/Identity Questions

    Tackling question 4. 4) What do you wish the hearing individual knew about the Deaf community? 1.Deafness isn’t binary, it’s a spectrum. For many it’s not silence but a great deal of unwelcomed noise. A good analogy is eyesight. It spans from a bit out of focus to no sight at all. In some...
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    Voice level feedback

    Hi, I’m have late deafness with one cochlear implant. My problem is that I speak too loud (yell) regardless of wearing the cochlear device or not. Looking for a feedback solution that I can wear to let me know where my voice level is. Preferably haptic feedback. Wish this feature could be...