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    Aloha My friends!

    Aloha! First thing, I am sowwy that I not come here that much, since I had a back surgery last Feb 27,2009... It was hard time on me, I walk lot, and lose weight 31lbs but i am not sure if more lose weight.. Now my back is BETTER MUCH than before, i walked 5 min less before surgery and now i...
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    Hi everyone!

    Hello, I know that i havent post anything here since, i been busy, sick and etc.. But I am doing better much... anyway i would like let yall know that I am Consultant Scentsy and I am under my hubby;s name.. so I have website and will give yall website bottom.. so I wonder if yall interesting...
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    Fall Pix

    my hubby and I took pic last week.. why not fall pic.. my best friend took pic of us..
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    Hey everyone!

    Hey everyone, I let you know that IF yall wanna order xmas ILY hang up and other... PLEASE PLEASE PM me, why? because my hubby and i will be on vacation nov 23 to 28 and pls order before nov 21 so i can make them send out on nov 22 allright??? and let me know abt that.. thanks!! :D
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    I went ASL Expo on oct 18, my hubby helped me with this and i set up everything on booth.. so yall can see what look alike allright??
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    UPDATE!! ILY Xmas Hang Tree

    i made lot of ILY Xmas Hang Tree so i put 3 pic here and yall need go to check my albums they have more pix there allright.. smiles..
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    Who's going to ASL Expo?

    ASL Expo is in Birmingham, AL on Oct 18.. I am going there cuz of it my first time selling on booth there.. wish me lucky! who is going there? so we can meet there..
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    It about my mom

    I was at work this morning, I thought it was my mom called me twice so i feel something ER so i called and it was my stepfather, i puzzled he never pgr me before.. so he told me that he took my mom to ER this morning i say what happened? he say her chest pain bad and dr say heart trouble so put...
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    UPDATE!! Xmas Hang Tree and ILY Pin

    i made it recently, i would like show everyone here abt xmas and pin.. if yall like buy this then PLS PM me.. and let me know what yall like color... allright..
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    ILY Magnets

    I do make ILY Magnets and own business since... I do make everyday with different colors and one color... If yall interesting to buy this and pls PM me and let me know what yall wanna color , can 1 or 2 or 3 or so...
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    Hey i am so mad!!!!

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    selling this

    I am selling this pink gameboy with 4 games, plug charger in car and home, and pink n black bag for $65.00 ( still good running) I am selling this xbox with plug, ( i think 1 or 2 games) for $50.00 (still good running) I am selling this gamecube with few games for $70.00 ( still new...
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    Wonder abt this?

    i wanna know do u know how cookin Cabbages boil , what put in?? i wanna put apple cider in and vingar (sp) and ham something.. so i need know cuz of i plan cook for july 4th.. THANKS!
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    4th of July

    What are your planning for this?? My hubby and I plan 4th of july, invited our good friends from tenn and ala.. There will be abt 19 people coming.. woot woot.. we will have blast, swimming, chatting, cook out.. everyone bring foods and drinks..
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    Just Wondering...

    every time i try get webcam on yahoo or oovoo and cam wont work.. i dont undy why.. but i take pix with cam test and it worked.. but not webcam.. how come??? my webcam is Logitech pro 5000 and 2 yrs old.. pls discuss and tell me what to do with this???
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    Deal Or No Deal?

    who watch this?? my fave show and love pick nbrs when i get 1 million i will think what i will do with this... LOL! what about yall???
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    Pls Pray For Punkywolfy!

    punkywolfy walked passed the door at home, metal on door catch stratch on left leg and got infection for 2 weeks, so went to dr last friday, dr looked at leg, say had infection in leg and high blood pressure.. so dr say need see punkywolfy on sunday and make sure leg is ok or what? so went dr...
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    Six Flags On May 17th, 2008

    at Atlanta, ga.. my hubby, my best sis and i will going there.. who r going?? so we hope meet yall there.. :fingersx:
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    hey Steph9700 wanna me post for her..

    she pmed me and wanna me to post for her... she died thursday afternoon. visitation was 5 to 9 friday evening and service was at 3:30 saturday. she was buried next to my brother stacy at our church riverside. it was a closed casket funeral due to the amount of damage she suffered. My...
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    Who is going to Mexican Rivera?

    My hubby and i are going... i hope that i will meet some of yall there.. Mexican Rivera, aug 16 to 23, 2009