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  1. Jens_Cats

    Animal Rescuers?

    I did a search of this sub forum before I started this post, and nothing came up. I just wanted to start a thread for rescuers to talk about what they do, share information/petitions/etc. I have 8 cats (well, 7--one belongs to my boyfriend) because my ex and I tried to be rescuers, but we...
  2. Jens_Cats

    Useful Dog Tricks!

    Useful Dog Tricks performed by Jesse - YouTube So cute! Jen M.
  3. Jens_Cats

    Hi. I'm Jen.

    Hi. I just signed up. I am Audiodef's girlfriend, and Cheetah is a friend of mine through Audiodef. Great people! I am a hearing person. Audiodef and I have been together for five years, and he has been teaching me sign language (we use Signed English at home.) As I meet more deaf people...