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    Hurricane Florence

    to all in path of this hurricane, please stay safe and remember that you can take both pets and service dogs with you to evacuate,! Sending good thougts for everyone!
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    Holiday wishes

    Happy Holidays to everyone! :-)
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    Investigating HA's through DVR...

    Hey...didn't want to hijack zeefour's thread for the Resounds. I mentioned on there briefly that I've started DVR again. I had DVR in college <before I was aware of any hearing changes, so far as I know; I had it due to learning disabilities>. I'm now about 45. For some years I've been aware...
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    Irma - reba

    anyone know she's ok? Isn't she in Charleston <just saw on news "Flood Emergency" for there>
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    Sl acquisition/language deprivation talk w/deaf researcher

    new uTube video I found that I enjoyed learning from: has captions and voice interpreter
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    My Two Beloved Girls <dogs> Pic's....

    ...a few weeks ago. Bigger dog is 9; the smaller girl is 6:
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    Wow- Various Different Canine Coat Colors/patterns

    I was amazed at some of the canine coat colors shown here:
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    Dog Video, Learning Tricks

    I really enjoyed this video of what appears to be a double merle Sheltie <happens to be deaf and blind>, learning various tricks -apparently she's got her Novice Tick Dog title. There does happen to be music playing in the video but I just liked watching the dog
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    Asl Class Trip

    Last week for my ASL class, we went to a year-end production at a bi-bi school. My instructor and friend used to work there. It's through 8th grade I think. It was wonderful. Music, dance, so much fun to watch.
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    Asl Class/dgm

    Some may remember I'm taking an ASL class again, taught my friend who's Deaf. She and her husband <d/Deaf> attended the DGM rally here in the state capitol last week. I got an email from one of the Deaf clubs about it and would have liked to go, but no transportation and a sick dog on that day...
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    Asl And Czech Sl

    Found this utube vid of Czech and ASL alphabet comparison:
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    Asl Class!

    Again! My friend who is a Deaf mentor and has taught ASL classes and also worked with DeafBlind, is teaching a class now :-) It's a very fun, informal class. Her and hub met at Gally. I'm so happy to see her again since we moved!
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    Heartwarming helping shy shelter dogs
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    TED Talk

    Link to TED Talk <subtitles are good> by Dalia Mogahed on American Muslims: I thought it was really good.
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    About the phrase.....

    I have something I want to say.... when we put out the phrase " something <object/idea/action> is retarded" - <which is meant to be a put-down, and most are aware of the original terminology/use of "retarded"> to equal "something is stupid" negates the actual complexity and abilities...
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    authentic- travel question

    authentic, I love seeing all your travel pictures <!> and led me to wonder how you got started traveling? is there a place you didn't go yet you want to see?
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    video- cuteness! There does happen to be some audio/music but I thought the video itself was fun :)
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    another canine article
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    Article about theories of dog evolution

    my aunt sent me this-
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    Rare Amazon wild dog

    considering rare...check this out: