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    Deaf Surf question...

    Hi to all, when and where will be next Surf Deaf Championiship? Windsurf? Kitesurf? And there are events about these sports in Europe? Thank to all about the news.... Erikinho
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    [Motor Sport & extreme sports] A question to all deaf people

    Good evening, here in Italy is 9 p.m., i want to ask to you, if there anyone who like, practise or compete motoristic sport... I like Drifting, races like TT of isle of Man, car racing, illegal car races, rally and speedboat racing... :deaf: Other sports: Kickbox, windsurf, surf, kitesurf...
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    Hola a todos!

    Hi all deaf peolple, I'm Erik called Erikinho on internet because a my trip in Brasil and with football... I'm italian, from north east italy, 150 km from Venice, nearly with Austria and Slovenia :) I love Drifting, surf and kite but never doing these sport, football, kickboxing and...