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  1. Auri.625

    Hi I'm Aiste!

    Thank you! I actually completely changed my mind and decided to go to school at Ball State University in Muncie, IN :)
  2. Auri.625

    Hi I'm Aiste!

    Thanks guys! Geeze, I haven't logged on in forever! How is everyone doing?
  3. Auri.625

    Tribute to my wife...

    Awe, that is so sweet. Hey don't be embarrassed my parents are both each others' #3 and have never been more happier!
  4. Auri.625

    Rejection, and I'm pretty sure why..

    This is SO crazy that you just posted this because something very similar like this is happening to me right now! I am seeing this guy that is a few years older than me and is completely amazing but I have never brought up my HA's yet, and not sure if I plan on doing so. Knowing him, I doubt he...
  5. Auri.625

    Hi I'm Aiste!

    Hey Guys! This is so exciting it's my first post on alldeaf ever! :P Well to tell you more about myself... I am currently a a college undergrad going to be a Sophomore this coming Fall, studying Journalism. I live in Wisconsin but go to school in Florida, but I was born in Lithuania...
  6. Auri.625

    Hello, I'm Adam

    So awesome you're from Cali! Always had wanted to go! But welcome! :)
  7. Auri.625

    Hi There! Newbie in the houseeee

    Hey guys! :P So I just opened up my new account and I'm really excited to see what this network has got to offer! Just to give you an insight of my background..I was born in Klaipeda, Lithuania and as a newborn I caught a mild case of bronchitis which made it necessary for me to receive...