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    Battery that charges in "seconds"

    This looks to be very useful in the future for the bolded text.
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    IB diploma?

    I'm interested in the IB program but being mod-sev HOH I'd have considerable trouble in the secondary language core. I sent an inquiry to them about accomodations but I'd like to know if anybody else has had experience with the program?
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    Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden

    This is probably one of the best games I have ever played, and it's entirely free. Watch the trailer first, then download :) Tales of Game's Studios Presents: Barkley Shut... - Gaming World Forums
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    Savia art?

    My audiologist reccomended these to me as for replacing my phonak superos. Could anybody with any experience with these tell me about their experience with them and if possible a comparison with other fairly modern hearing aids? I have a mod-severe ski-slope loss.
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    Phone reccomendation

    I'm looking to get my first cell phone in the near future (I'm 14, I believe everyone in the US gets one at 9 now) and need a good reccomendation that fits some criteria. - Needs inductive loop/telecoil compatability. - QWERTY keyboard. - Durable/long lasting. - Reasonably priced -...
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    Am I the only one who likes sad endings?

    From where I stand almost every single movie book and videogame is all about getting to the happy ending. To me I feel that a sad ending with a lot of tension and meaning is a lot more satisfying than any movie where some guy gets to a low point, and spends the last twenty minutes of the movie...