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    Deaf Man Jailed With No Access to Interpreter
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    Anyone with IIH?

    Hello! I'm trying to see if I can find any other deaf people that also has IIH (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension). It is a RARE brain disease/condition. It puts a lot of pressure on the brain and pretty much is like having a tumor in the brain, but there is NO brain. The pressure is...
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    New Upcoming Games

    What new upcoming games would you love to get your grubby fingers on? For me it's Fable III and Epic Mickey.. CANT wait!!! :hyper:
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    What do you currently play? (PC games)

    Just wondering what else you guys play when it comes to PC gaming. I mainly play Perfect World International... then Diablo2, sometimes Guild Wars, RuneScape.... I was told to try Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO).. I'm on a deaf guild on DDO but I dont play it often because it just feels...
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    Deaf Awareness Day, Oct 2nd 2010 in San Diego

    Hello all! :wave: For those who are in Southern California (LA, San Diego, Riverside, etc) who are interested in going to D.A.D., we welcome you to come! We are hosting Deaf Awareness Day (DAD) at Balboa Park Club in San Diego, California, on October 2nd 2010 from 9am to 5pm. If you...
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    San Diego DAD?

    Did anyone go? I know that there may not be that many people on here that's from southern California but I was just wondering who went to the event yesterday in Balboa Park?
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    Deaf Awareness Day in San Diego, Sept 29th!

    This is info I typed from an ad I got couple weeks ago. If interested, let me know, and I might be seeing you there! ******************** D.A.D. 2007 Deaf Awareness Day San Diego! Saturday September 29th 2007 9am to 5pm At the Balboa Park Club 2150 Pan American Ave. West Adults...
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    Deep Labyrinth on DS

    Anyone have this game? I like this game. I'm still struggling with final boss.. grrr... damn thing pisses me off. It's basically a game where you play as a teenager that lost his parents and dog inside a house which turns out to be a labyrinth... you have to go through all the different...
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    Cat owners read!

    Im curious what kind of cats do you own and how many? Names, age, etc? I know most of those are pixs from last year but I don't take that many pixs of the cats. Our grey cat.. named Rayden.. he'll be 3 in October. Our tortie cat.. we named her Kitana.. I think she's 4 or 5...
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    Insurance for CI?

    Just wondering what different kinds of insurance DO cover CI/surgery/etc?
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    Ok so I went into the hearing aid place this morning. Apparently, the fitting IS to fix the hearing aids and whatever. I have the hearing aids on for one week and I return May 2nd for a follow-up. I also had to get a 2nd earmold filling for the left ear due to the one I got was too small...
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    OMG, about time!

    FINALLY am gonna get my new hearing aids! Haven't worn them for 4 years! However... they are having me coming in tomorrow for a "fitting".. wtf does that mean? does that mean I'd get to go home with the hearing aids or..?
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    Just wrote this one a few minutes ago...

    Kinda rough draft, maybe not.. *shrugs* so far I like it but I want something else, dunno just what it is yet. Beautiful Dreamer ----------- O Child, Beautiful Dreamer Come sit on my lap, come lay your head against my chest Beautiful Dreamer, Beautiful Dreamer Mold yourself against...
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    Poem I wrote a LONG time ago.. warning, not for faint of hearted..

    and not for those who're religious and etc... just a small warning. Anyway, I wrote this when I was about 15 or 16. This one was actually my "best" work at that age... right now, I cannot do jack sh*t. anyway.. this is what I wrote: Pits Of Hell ------------------- Cast...
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    Woman reconnects with her spirituality through Deaf ministry

    Local Woman Reconnects With Her Spirtuality Through Deaf Ministry - 10News No captions. Just basically a local woman in San Diego reconnects with her spirituality with the help of a local deaf ministry program.
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    Problems with hearing aid places?

    I don't know if it's typical of hearing aid places, but.. I applied to get new hearing aids a few months ago. I've called the place and shown up there a few times in person and every time I went/called, they couldn't find my files... I could see my husband's file right there in the filing...
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    Just wanted to have one extra website to kill some time in the mornings/evenings when I'm online so I created this thread for you guys to ask me anything. I know it may seem like a copycat thread, but I feel that I'd get more responses on this than I would from other sites. So.. ask away...
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    Relationships from this site.

    Just wondering if any of you people have met through and went on to become an item or gotten married? Just wondering.
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    *pop* Hi! Bye! *poof*
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    Well, I'm back.... so.. hi. Please, resume your ingoring of me, and I'll blissfully hover around the pages.....