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    Did P3 flasher works with nTouch for Mac?

    I was wonder if P3 flasher works with nTouch for Mac? Since Sorenson never notify me about flasher.
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    No Disability Services for Adult Schools!

    Hello Everyone, I am setting up Petition for School district to tell them to keep Disability Service Program open even there budget crisis. Because there is no Disability Service for adult schools in Los Angeles Unified School District. Here what happen is I went to one of Adult Schools in...
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    Private doctor refuse pay for a interpreter!

    Hello, I have some issues with getting a interpreter for my neurology for this Monday. I had to cancel appt because the interpreter cost $125.00 per hour. Also, they told me that they cannot pay a interpreter because they r under private doctor. I felt this isn't right is there anything I can...
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    Jury Summons!

    I got Jury Summons in letter! I filled out green part. I called courthouse like paper says. The interpreter on VRS told me that number that I called is wrong number! I was like wtf! Then I called other interpreter and they told me that number is blocked from other state calls. So I realize the...
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    I wonder do AT&T U-Verse support VP-200?

    I wonder do AT&T U-Verse support VP-200? If I got U-Verse will I still able to use DSL?
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    iPhone 4.0

    iTWire - Top ten iPhone 4.0 feature demands for 2010 iPhone
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    Direct Phone number isn't working on P3

    Hey I tired call my friend with their direct number to their P3 from my P3 but it bounce to Interpreter. My friend call me it works fine. I do not want use IP address. How do I call VP from my P3 Netbook too? Also, Seem like I have black screen problems on my P3. Can anyone helping. I...
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    I recently got new dog and need advice to teach dog.

    I recently got new dog and I would like some advice to train dog to learn to sit down and stay etc with sing language? This dog is Black lab breed.
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    I need help to pick best Range Router.

    I need help to pick best Range router I have been surfing website to find best Range Booster Router because I want using my MVP upstairs without low signal and the internet will be downstairs. Do you had any idea or any suggest what to get?
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    I have question about Sorenson Wireless Modem Package

    I have question about Sorenson Wireless Modem Package. I heard from someone else that they got e-mail from Sorenson it was about Sorenson Wireless Modem Package and it have something do with Mobile Video Player do you have any idea what is it? I had no idea. There Sorenson installer coming over...
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    hearing depend on someone else for deaf's interpreter!

    I felt something not right! I want to share.. Tell me what you think. Few weeks ago I went to t-mobile to buy G1 T-Mobile Plug Car Charger at T-Mobile. I was standing and asking Customer Support rep for a paper and a pen to write and I notice person tried to speak to me. I sign "point to ear...
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    T-Mobile G1

    I am curious about something. Have anyone own a T-Mobile G1 and pay 35 dollar monthly? Can anyone explain me about about that. I am not sure about how data plan and voice plan all together works it their requirement to has those plan not like Sidekick. I don't want pay a lot for their monthly...
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    Verizon Wireless USB727 Modem

    Hello, I am thinking about getting Verizon Wireless USB727 Modem when I get MVP so I won't depend on Sorenson anymore because I am traveling a lot than before. Do you think there is possible make that happen. Also, I would like to use Verizon Wireless USB727 Modem on my macbook 13 inch I want...
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    L.A. to sue Time Warner Cable over poor service

    L.A. to sue Time Warner Cable over poor service - Los Angeles Times I am Former Adelphia Customer! What do you think of this? I think it good because Time Warner Cable need to improve their service. Even they haven't upgrade Webmail to it still show
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    I recently order Sidekick LX on on last Sunday. March 23th, I wonder how long they will process my order? I already got e-mail from them saying that they not able to process my order due to Credit History so I have to accept EasyPay option and FlexPay Option for my Sidekick LX so I...
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    I need help with alert for VP-200

    I need find other way to alert myself when I got incoming calls on VP-200. My VP-200 in bedroom. I need find way of alert myself when I got calls while I am downstair in living room because I am tired of missing calls. I prefer got calls alert on pager instead of using flash. Because there two...
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    Metrolink gave my deaf friend a ticket!

    Hey! I just found out from my friend who ride Metrolink Train got a ticket today. My friend paid Disabled ticket because himself is deaf. When I ride on Train a lot to visit my friend in Riverside I never got problems with officer but it was first time I hear that my friend got ticket...
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    Anyone of you have iPod?

    I wonder anyone of you have iPod and deaf are you able to feeling music on it?
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    Beethoven's Nightmare ticket prices update for student with ID

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>
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    Beethoven's Nightmare Concert coming up in Los Angeles!

    Beethoven's Nightmare Live in Concert with Guest Kriya 8:00pm on Saturday, October 6, 2007 The El Rey Theatre 5515 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036...