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    He Will Never Have a Girlfriend

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    Comedy Club refused provide interpreter

    Hearing-Impaired Man Claims Mistreatment By Comedy Club - Indiana News Story - WRTV Indianapolis I know Dave Showers. He is still my good friend we grew up at Indiana Deaf School and same classes. We graduated in 2003. He agressives and sue to that stupid Morty's Comedy Club, I support him...
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    Gtx 260

    I am selling my video card Nvidia GTX 260 EVGA for $150. Specifications: GeForce GTX 260 896MB DDR3 Superclocked Edition Core 216 PCI-E 2.0 Condition: Like a new. That video card is currently inside my computer tower and playing games really smooth. If interested to buy it, let me know. I will...
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    need a wood.

    Could someone make one wood 10 x 22 x 2 inches for me? i will pay whoever make it for me. thanks
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    HK is BACKKKK!!!

    Season 7 start @ June 1. Who's gotta watch it? FOX Broadcasting Company: Hell's Kitchen
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    Xbox360 Pro

    I am selling my Xbox360 Pro 60GB with Gears of War 2 and keypad. Come with HDMI 6feet cable and component cable too. Total is $175. It's like a brand new I play it like once a month.
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    Why Buick?

    I was driving to home from work today and I noticed many black people driving Buick cars. I wondering why so popular in Buick?
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    Wal-mart :dizzy: :crazy:
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    Soldier shots himself during Zombieland.

    I know where this showplace 12 at and it happened at Muncie, Indiana. Indiana soldier fatally shoots himself during horror comedy flick An Indiana soldier fatally shot himself during a showing of "Zombieland" at Muncie's Kerasotes Showplace 12 on Monday night, police said. Investigator...
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    where the wild things are

    Do you remember the story book when you were a kid in elementary. I do, I read this book when I was a kid in elementary and this movie coming out at theaters on October 16. Anyone will watch this? I rather wait til DVD come out. YouTube - Where The Wild Things Are Trailer (HD)
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    15 strangest keyboards

    15 Strangest Keyboards -
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    Kaspersky and Steam

    I just bought Kaspersky Anti-Virus from Best Buy today. However the steam games won't start up because of that Kaspersky blocked it. I've already add Steam.exe into Trusted Zone setting in Kaspersky and still nothing. If anyone know how to solve it, post it here. Thanks!
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    Beer thrower

    I forget to post about a man throw beer to Shane Victorino during baseball game. Fan charged for throwing beer at Philadelphia Phillies' Shane Victorino at Chicago Cubs' game - ESPN Chicago what an idiot of that man who threw to him!
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    Coke Babies

    This is really cool video clip of coke :cool2: YouTube - Coke Babies
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    District 9

    Did anyone saw tv commerical new movie coming in theater August 14, it looks pretty cool. YouTube - 'District 9' Trailer 2 HD
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    Another HK show?

    When I watch TV last night and I saw TV commercial the Hell's Kitchen will another premier show season 5 on July 21. I thought I was in dream but found out it's true when I check out their Fox's website. FOX Broadcasting Company: Hell's Kitchen, wow too early to show. They tend to show every...
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    Doom 3 PC Game for free

    Anyone want Doom 3 game for PC for free with serial number?
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    ring door

    Anyone know the site that better and cheaper the ring flash door? Because we get packages from UPS or Fedex often and they left the note stick on the door so I want to order flash. We're looking for at least $35 or you are planning rid of it so I can buy it from you. Thanks!
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    Defragment disappeared?

    I haven't start defragment for a month so I thought let's start defragment by click start, all programs, accessories, system tools and there's no defragment program, it's gone! what happened? Is that because of updated and removed defragment program by itself?
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    Dual Ethernet

    Why some motherboards have dual ethernet anyway? I have a motherboard GigaByte EP45-UP45 and I see that its has dual ethernet so I curious put two cable plugged my motherboard and internet access loading and play games online seem same without dual.