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  1. shezzbeav

    BREAKING NEWS: heartbreaking story, in Australia

    You have a valid point, SCBassist. But the question is... Did the doctors actually attempt to communicate with the Deaf parents? From what I have gathered thus far, there was no communication between the parents and the doctors, and the parents were left in the dark until the said meeting...
  2. shezzbeav

    Hearing schools

    Interesting discussion. I'm from Australia, as y'all can see... I was mainstreamed all through my schooling years, and I have found it to be advantageous, especially when I was provided with interpreters (or rather, teacher aides and/or teachers of the deaf with signing skills) in all of my...
  3. shezzbeav

    Gallaudet - International Students

    Has anyone studied at Gallaudet as an International student? If so, I'd love to read about your experiences! I'm considering applying for Master of Arts in Deaf Studies at Gallaudet, however I'm from Australia...and well, the funds haha. US$53,000 for one whole year :shock: (close to...
  4. shezzbeav

    Bucket List

    Sure do! You can see it here: Shez's Travel Bucket List | I Sign. I Wander.
  5. shezzbeav

    What Are You Reading Right now?

    Finished "Into The Wild" by Jon Krakauer. Next up: Orange is the new Black by Piper Kerman.
  6. shezzbeav

    2014 Travel Plans

    That'd be mint - thanks mate! Will hit you up when time's closer :) Oh, speaking of which - my friend's parents are going to Singapore for a week next month and they were wondering if there's a Deaf guide or something?
  7. shezzbeav

    What’s the best cop show of all time?

    Rizzoli & Isles is my favourite - it's a mix of cop and forensic but a fantastic one at that. Chicago PD is a new cop show - going to check it out!
  8. shezzbeav

    What do you do for a living?

    Temporarily unemployed. Currently living off welfare payments, which helps but isn't enough as Sydney is expensive. But it'll be interesting to live frugally. Hope to pick up some odd jobs here and then.
  9. shezzbeav

    Howdy from the land of OZ

    G'day! Good to see a fellow Aussie here - there's a few around :)
  10. shezzbeav

    What Are You Reading Right now?

    Destination Cambodia by Walter Mason. A travel memoir about Walter's time in Cambodia. Walter is an Australian travel author. Very good so far - will review it when I'm done.
  11. shezzbeav

    Effects of absence of an older male role model on women?

    My father wasn't around for 18 years, and we only re-connected 8 years ago, and now we're not speaking. Long story, but I grew up not trusting males. I dated a few males, but I wasn't comfortable with any of them. I couldn't be myself around them. I found myself having more romantic feelings...
  12. shezzbeav

    Resolutions for 2014?

    No resolutions here, but just to keep living my life and to keep travelling.
  13. shezzbeav

    ASL in public setting?

    I only sign to those who know sign language. Pretty much a moot point if you sign to someone who doesn't know any sign language, however you could if they wanted to learn from you. With people who don't sign, I lipread, mime it out or write it down.
  14. shezzbeav

    2014 Travel Plans

    Muay Thai, you mean? Don't know yet - will be playing the whole trip by ear.
  15. shezzbeav

    Plans for Dec. 31st?

    I'll be going to a Mykonos type party in Darling Harbour - that's in Sydney CBD if y'all were wondering :P It'll be the first time I'll be seeing in the new year in Sydney CBD. Should be a good night.
  16. shezzbeav

    How are you feeling today?....

    Excited!! I booked 2x return flights (Sydney - Melbourne and Sydney - Perth) for a cool $210 in total :D Gotta love Boxing Day sales!!
  17. shezzbeav

    2014 Travel Plans

    Got travel plans for the new year? I'm off to Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand in March 2014 for 4 weeks with two friends. Very much looking forward to it!
  18. shezzbeav

    Free and Cheap Deaf-Friendly Ways to Travel the World

    I love this! Thank you - and I'll be linking it on my blog if you don't mind :)
  19. shezzbeav

    Favorite holiday memory?

    Backyard cricket. Water fights with family members. Eating everything in sight.
  20. shezzbeav

    Working or volunteering overseas

    Has anyone had experience working or volunteering overseas? I'm looking into it - be it volunteering at a Deaf school in a developing country (Nepal for example), camp counselor at a Deaf summer camp in the USA (Camp Mark 7 for example), or as an aupair/nanny somewhere in the world.