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  1. alicatpeace

    ASL Skype?

    I believe Skype would be a good way to help each of us who want to learn or teach ASL. If you would like to become "study buddies", my skype name is alicatpeace (Message me on there and tell me you met me from
  2. alicatpeace

    Single Deaf Guys

    I'm hearing and I am looking for a relationship in the Deaf community. Message me if you think we could talk ;)
  3. alicatpeace

    How are you today?

    So I am doing pretty good. Got my phone back yesterday after 4 years. If you wanna text, message me your number. I have a sprained ankle and a bit lip. So the story behind my ankle, we were on a bale of hay taking picturesfor my cousin's birthday. Well, I decided I was gonna slide down...
  4. alicatpeace

    Learning ASL--Need Advice.

    I have been learning ASL for the past few years. It is difficult. How are the sentence placements supposed to be? I have the urge to SEE (Sign Exact English). Help? :)
  5. alicatpeace

    Jesus loves you!!! READ THIS!

    Jesus loves you all! No matter if you are Deaf, hearing, blind, or anything! I just wanted to post this to give those of you a leg up that are down sometimes. I hope those who are reading this aren't agnostic or atheist because this is a religious post on general chat. I just hope that I can...
  6. alicatpeace

    Here to learn!!! :)

    I am here to learn about the Deaf culture and to make friends so add me up!!! :) I love making friends! Also, I am looking for a relationship with a Deaf boy so :)
  7. alicatpeace

    What are YOU doing for Halloween??

    I am handing out candy at my Nanny's house. I don't think I am dressing up. What about you? What are you doing for Halloween? What are you dressing up as??
  8. alicatpeace

    How are you today?

    I thought I would post this thread and ask everyone how they are today? I am doing pretty good except I feel as though I am getting ill. I have a sore throat. Reply and answer the question, "How are you today?"
  9. alicatpeace

    Wanting some Deaf friends!

    I would love to have a friendship with many Deaf people, so add me. I am aspiring to learn ASL so that maybe I can be a terp or something in the line of Deaf education. I love the Deaf community and want to learn more about it! :)