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  1. BLONDI53

    Ci surgery side affects?

    This could be completly off the wall but, has anyone noticed having headaches,and sinus problems after implant activation? When i wear it like all day my head gets really sore,and get headaches also my nose is always stopped up ( like having a bad cold) wont go away,its not a sinus infection...
  2. BLONDI53

    Voicemail to text apps?

    I hope im putting this question in the right place! I have been looking for an app that coverts spoken voicemails to text, do they exist,and if so what the name? Thanks for anyones help!
  3. BLONDI53

    Med el,rondo

    Hey, has anyone here had any experience with the med el rondo, or know someone maybe? What did you or they think about it? Thats the one im getting next mth, was just curious what yall thought about it?!
  4. BLONDI53

    My coclear implant surgery

    Well so i had my surgery the 9th,so this is 2 days later now,im rather sore and have had a bad headache since comming out of surgery,it is getting a little better finally!! The pain meds im on helps a lot with the pain and discomfort,but makes me sleep a lot which i guess i need right now! I do...
  5. BLONDI53

    Coclear implant question

    Ok this may sound weird or whatever,but just want yalls opinion. I have done a lot of research, reading about the implant and different results,i have read that the chances are better of hearing clearer and faster if your were born hearing and can speak,and know sounds and all,than the ones that...
  6. BLONDI53

    Hello, im new here

    Hi all, I just joined tonight and wanted to introduce myself. I have a profound hearing loss, have been approved for coclear implant which hopefully wont be long now because I am having such a horrible time understanding much of anything anymore, hopefully it will help me some I really hope so...
  7. BLONDI53

    Hearing vocal cord vibration in my head?

    hello, I'm new here, I have a question that the internet cannot seem to answer. I have a profound hearing loss, about 2 mths ago I noticed I was hearing my vocal cords like vibrating,and like sounding horse in my head. I thought other people could hear it but everyone says I sound the same,it is...