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  1. Isabells.r14

    High school

    wow I haven’t been on here in a while hahah. I actually attended the Gallaudet summer camp and it was amazing. I’ve never feltso welcomed, and apparently I knew more asl than I thought. Thank you for the recommendations!
  2. Isabells.r14

    Person Below Me

    Family feud would be super fun but I think I’d want to play wheel of fortune. TPBM : Who’s in your immediate family, including pets?
  3. Isabells.r14

    Can anyone relate??

    She just had an ear infection in one ear for like three days and she complained about not being able to hear... I was like, ummmmmm
  4. Isabells.r14

    Can anyone relate??

    My actual response is “because I physically can’t !” Lmao
  5. Isabells.r14

    Can anyone relate??

    Conversation between my sister Morgan and I : Morgan - (says somthing but I don’t know what) Me - what? Morgan - *scoffs* Nevermind. Me - no, tell me what you said. Morgan - *begins ranting on how sick and tired she is of me and asking her to repeat herself* Does this happen to anyone else? No...
  6. Isabells.r14

    Hello , I am new here and would like to make some friend and get some urgent advice

    I’m super sorry but if you ever do get out of that situation, I recommend Phonak. That’s the HA brand I have and they’ve worked for me comfortablyfor seven years and counting. I have to change the batteries once every two weeks but I do have an older version. They cost between 1,000- 1,500...
  7. Isabells.r14

    "i'm a little bit deaf"....

    Well, in a ways, it makes sense what he’s saying because as a child when I got my ha I called myself hearing impaired and I knew no other term for it until my deaf father told me I should say HOH because he explained that I am not impaired.
  8. Isabells.r14

    "i'm a little bit deaf"....

    I totally get what you mean! There are so many people at my school that say “I have a little bit of hearing loss too” once I explain my situation. But they don’t realize that no matter how hard they try, they’ll won’t understand what it’s like to have enough hearing loss to need ha ...if that...
  9. Isabells.r14

    Sparks or Reno Nevada events ?

    Anyone doing any events near here? I’d love to know. Or any teens who want to talk?
  10. Isabells.r14

    Hi my name is Jeremy

    I’m bella, I think it’s pretty cool that you’re learning about signing just because you want to. I feel like sign language is so underrated
  11. Isabells.r14

    Looking for deaf friends

    What site do you use for your courses? I’m hard of hearing and trying to learn asl as well!
  12. Isabells.r14

    Daughter losing hearing

    Hey, I’m very sorry for your family and daughter for having to deal with this struggle. If any of you guys need to talk, especially you’re daughter, I’m here. I am 14 years old and starting losing my hearing around age 6 due to hereditary hearing loss. My father is deaf and I’m getting closer to...
  13. Isabells.r14

    High school

    Hi I am a high school student in Nevada and I was wondering if anyone has any tips for someone who is hard of hearing. I’m trying to learn ASL but it’s difficult when I don’t have anyone who is interested to learn as well. Anyone in the Spanish Springs area that is learning as well?
  14. Isabells.r14

    Introduce yourself !!

    Yeah. It’s not the volume level taht is difficult for me to hear, it’s the persons pronunciation.
  15. Isabells.r14

    Introduce yourself !!

    Hey ! My name is Bella and I’m fourteen years old. I’ve had my hearing aids since I was seven and my hearing is slowly decreasing throughout the years. It’s been difficult transitioning from being homeschooled in middle school to public high school since I can hardly hear people talking to me...